WhatsApp Privacy Changes: Consequences of Users Not Agreeing

Whatsapp has announced a new plan ,and many users still have conflicts for accepting the new terms. When the people don’t get the new set of policies before  May 15, the users will receive only calls but not read or write the messages.  

Information Should be Provided by the Users 

The users need to provide some set of information like the mobile number for creating the Whatsapp account. If they do not give this necessary information, then the account will not be created easily. Payment account and transaction information of users must be provided and processed safely using privacy policies. The activity of services and time, duration of everyone activities also will be noted. When the people are not agreed for these conditions, the privacy policy will not be activated for them. 

It is also unclear what may happen, like Whatsapp’s new policy is not accepted. There may be a chance that the account will be inactive for 120 days for those who don’t take the policy. 

Useful when Enabling  with the New Policy 

The interlinking services with Facebook will be more helpful for the users so that using Facebook pay account can be used to purchase the items through messaging app. The integration of Whatsapp with Facebook will provide a better experience for the users. When they don’t accept the new terms, they miss all of these benefits in the future. 

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