What is a Proxy server and its benefits?

People tend to do their every search online without knowing how does it work, is the browsing history secured or is there are malwares to steal money and the inherent threats are always unknown to users. So, in this article, we will let you know the complete details of using the Proxy server. The basic question among most of them regarding the Proxy server is listed below after several research.

Table of contents
  • What is a Proxy server?
  • Why do we use a Proxy server instead of other servers?
  • Is Proxy server and VPN are the same?
  • What are its types?
What is a Proxy server?

A Proxy server acts as a portal between you and the internet, providing security and privacy for your search information. This provides you with the manifold number of attributes as of greater security, speed, privacy, and decrease in bandwidth by providing the users with information on its cache files for common requests. When you tend to ask a piece of information from the webpage, your IP address could get noticed and the detailed information of your search could be found. In case of using a Proxy, it acts as a firewall and web filter, so that the Proxy server’s IP could be accessed and not yours providing greater security.

Let me illustrate to you with an example if you want to purchase an item from a store but you are in a situation that you cannot step out of your house, so you are pinging your friend for your needs. He moved to the store to buy you the item. So here, your friend is your Proxy server and the store is your website. And the notable point is, the storeman would consider that your friend is accessing the item and not you. That is the Proxy’s server’s IP address would be noted to the website and not yours.

proxy server

Here come you could know what is bandwidth when you browse through the internet, the information could be accessed by asking the question and this moves on to your intermediary called Proxy and the answer could be accessed from the website by the Proxy server. In some cases, when common requests flow through this intermediary, the Proxy server could store the datum in its temporary storage cache to pass on the information webpage to the users. Here the process could be fast because of less bandwidth.

Why do we use a Proxy server instead of other servers?

A good Proxy server can provide you with

  • Security when accessing to the web page by neglecting the IP address of yours.
  • Improved network performance by maintaining the cache files as storage for easy access.
  • Reduction of bandwidth.
  • Complete privacy by acting as a firewall.
  • keeps away all the threats that could happen in any such way to the users.
  • Get access to blocked or restricted content.
  • Feature to change the geographical location.
  • Defeat hackers from accessing information.
Is the Proxy server and VPN the same?

The internet might be petrifying when you access data without these two kinds of stuff. The actual saying is no for this question but Proxy server and VPN are common in their working as both tend to connect with websites on your behalf and get back with the information. Both act as a tunnel or intermediate server providing privacy, security, and other stuff.

  • The difference is that proxies cannot encrypt your traffic as that of a VPN. VPN encrypts the whole traffic so that hackers or unwanted persons couldn’t ingress your information while Proxy be able to redirect. As a culmination, VPN provides great access to security when compared with the Proxy server.

This could be typically variated based on the grade of privacy. You can choose to depend upon your needs from three available types of out there

  1. Transparent proxies– This type of proxies can be made use in business administration, school, public libraries, or in any other institution to keep track of the IP address. The only virtue of this type of proxies is caching. It doesn’t provide anonymity to the users and the redirection occurs without IP address configuration but the detection is made easy with the help of HTTP headers occurring on the server-side. It also is able to prevent the attack.
  2. Anonymous proxies– Anonymous proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server but does not pass your IP address to the websites. This can prevent grabbing of recognition from your device. Though it always provides fractional anonymity to the device, but keeps your browsing history and details private and also restricts targeted marketing contents.
  3. High Anonymity proxies– the security level is high for this type which changes its IP address constantly so that hackers or any organization couldn’t track you because of swapping traffic sites. No one could identify this as a proxy server.

There are more servers available based on your needs. You can choose your respective category of servers depending on the degree of security.

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