What is Eventbrite? And How They Make Money? 

Eventbrite is a self-servicing event management and online ticketing system which helps you to discover, organize, create, sell, and promote tickets on social media platforms. 

Eventbrite helps to bring people together which helps fuel their passion and enrich their lives. In Eventbrite, anyone can start an event and promote them to their local friends and also promote through social media. 

In Eventbrite, events can be started by individuals, organizations, and companies. The events can be any size and the Eventbrite system will give you a seamless experience to both creators and attendees. 

You can start any event like music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests.

As an event creator in Eventbrite, they offer you the best tools to create events, manage events, payment processing, organize ticket sales online, and analytics about customer data. You can track how many sales on a particular day or time. 

How Eventbrite Make Money?

Eventbrite is not a subscription-based system that means they don’t charge set up fees or monthly charges. Instead, they charge when the event organizers sell a ticket. Eventbrite charges 2.5% of the ticket value, plus $0.99 per ticket and also they charge for payment processing which takes 3.5%.

For example, the event organizer sells $50 per ticket. Eventbrite takes  $1.25(2.5%)  plus $0.99 which comes to $2.24. 

For processing cards, they charge you 3.5% which comes to $1.75. Total charges come to $3.99 per $50 ticket. 

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