Google Introduced Official Beta Version of WordPress Plugin Visual web stories for more user engagement and traffic

Google Releases official WordPress plugin– visual web stories helps users with splendid advertising support.

Web stories which enable users to cling to the latest information worldwide. It has virtue both for users and the company. It is a way to rank at the zenith of google search, google images, discover, and google app. Google officials proposed that no hacking attribute can be accessed only by user engagement and traffic. The traffic may be either from social media sites or search engines.

The possible way of getting traffic is to have a trendsetting and worthy content which can make both users and story writers productive and helpful. Users can get attached to something which is quite relevant, simple, and elegant. As a result, Google launched this feature “AMP stories or web stories”.

Brief descriptions by Google

  1. Google described that Basically, this plugin from google is a new form of accelerated mobile pages and is a type of content that is meant to be consumed in small chunks.
  2. Each page can have words to a limit of 10 and the suggested size may vary from 4 to 30 pages. Google stories alike are snackable content and the videos should be no longer than 15 seconds featuring subtitles.
  3. Videos are suggested to be shot in a portrait mode rather than landscape mode to display fullscreen to mobile users.
  4. Videos must have captions so that users can be able to read it along with the captions depending on the environment.
  5. Google recommends the font size to be 24 and not more than 200 characters per page. In addition, long-form content can be made available as affiliate links.

The virtue of web stories

  • Publishers and writers can have a potential way of monetizing using web stories with affiliate links, google Ad manager, and google DV360 (Beta).
  • Google web stories are meant to be for mobile users who are in search of content.
  • Google web stories are open and source free and in addition, they are interactive and tend to attract users.
  • Web stories represent a way to obtain traffic to overcome hacking.
  • The users can be able to read the saved stories.

Google has come up with this to enlighten its

  • User engagement
  • Visual appeal
  • Traffic
  • Loading speed
  • Search rankings
  • Conversations

The web stories can let online business developers and content writers to reach their zenith by utilizing this magnificent platform. Visual stories will definitely be a solution to create and publish content on the respective websites and can monetize and earn passive income.

Sample Visual Stories

Image Credit: Search Engine Journal
Image Credit: Search Engine Journal
Image Credit: Search Engine Journal

You Can Download the WordPress plugin and other details

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