VadooTv Player Review: Details, Pricing, Features

VadooTv was founded by Anil Matcha and Ankur Singh and Anil Matcha in 2019. Its mission is to build tools to grow your business using videos and until now VadooTV has helped thousands of customers globally. Businesses, be it big or small must have access to tools that offer high-quality video experiences with a low to no-code integration. 

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Nothing can be more annoying than ads interrupting one’s video experience, these ads can easily annoy the audience. Vadootv Player is the ultimate solution. Vadootv Player allows you to host an ad-free video on its platform, unlike the other video hosting platforms, where each video is bombarded with ads, making the videos less interesting despite the contents being informative, entertaining, and interesting. Your viewers’ attention will be on your content and will not be distracted by suggestions, pop-ups, or ads. 

Help your business grow with a super secure, high quality, high speed, and above all ad-free video experience. VadooTv player makes video hosting fast, easy, and simple. Vadootv Player can help grow your audience, as the video hosting platform is ad-free with a customizable player and tools. By customizing the video player to match the branding, Vadootv offers a seamless viewing experience for your audience. 

Vadootv player includes customized thumbnail and watermark for branding. You’ve worked hard to provide your audience with good content and you truly deserve to have millions of views, Vadootv player makes sharing easy. Videos can be shared instantly with your followers and fans on social media channels. The videos created by Vadootv player get customize landing pages with spectacular elements. So, your search ends here, Vadootv player has a fast video platform, finest detailing made easy in a simplified way. 

Customize the look of your video and feel of the player and enable the marketing tool to grow your audience. Videos can be embedded on your social media channels and website; you can also see how your audience is reacting to your content. 

Vadootv Player is highly secure, the player offers advanced security, allowing access to the people you intend to share, they are password protected. Vadootv Player lets you host your videos ad-free on fast, secure servers with a customizable video player to match your branding. Vadootv Player uses high-speed CDNs spread across the globe for bandwidth optimization and hence delivers fast load times. 

What does Vadootv Player offer?

Vadootv Player uses P2P CDN Solution using WebRTC streaming and upscaling to reduce bandwidth cost and also reduce latency for Live streaming and VOD platform using a plug and play solution. Thousands of video developers use Vadootv’s scalable P2P video solution that is powered by WebRTC to deliver high-quality video streams at a low bandwidth cost. WebRTC First – VadooTV’s plug-and-play SDK allows video developers to build scalable live and VOD websites and apps.

Vadootv is a SaaS-based video solution. Users can create, host, and distribute videos that are backed by powerful landing page customization, creator, security features, marketing tools, and integrations with other tools. 

Vadootv Player also has various other features. It reduces CDN cost, Hyper-compatible across video players, supports formats like HLS and Dash, delivers High-Resolution Videos, delivers videos to areas with poor or limited coverage, end-to-end encryption, integration is hassle-free, industry-leading analytics. The other features include support encrypted HLS stream, easily integrates with the existing Javascript players, policies are efficiently scheduled to enhance the performance of P2P streaming, support cache to avoid repeating the download of TS file, supports live and VOD streaming over HLS protocol, it is less than 1 MB SDK in size. 

Vadoo TV player is best for

VadooTv player is best for marketing content creators, sales professionals, communications, education (educators and trainers), customer support video, create onboarding, record, and share lessons, or anyone who wants to create and share videos that are lightning-fast and without ads.  Developers find VadooTV efficient as the product has prebuilt integrations. Live TV and OTT’s find it significant as they are built with scalable video apps and has low bandwidth cost. Remote areas benefit because of low bandwidth spent. It builds scalable social video experiences and Shopping video experiences with a wide range of users and variable bandwidth. 

Vadootv Player plans include 

  • Ad-free video hosting
  • High-quality streaming that is ad-free. 
  • A fully customizable player through which users can change the player’s color, add branding, and much more. 
  • Adaptive streaming – Dynamic switching of video resolutions as per user bandwidth
  • Easy embedding and sharing of your videos on your sites, e-mails, and social media.
  • Video analytics helps users track how their viewers interact with their videos.
  • Customized landing pages to grow your reach

Plans and Pricing 

Vedootv Players offers 3 plans, customer can choose the plan that suits them the best.


This plan is free to all, users can create 10 free videos per month, unbranded players, and 1 project. The plan offers 1 GB of storage. The plan is limited to only 1 user at a time. It has 1 Domain security, HLS Encryption, and protected with a password. 

PRO – $ 15/month

The Pro plan costs $ 15 per month, user can create unlimited videos, an unbranded video player, and 1 project. The plan offers 50 GB of storage. The plan is limited to 3 users, only 3 users can access the player. It has 10 domain security, HLS Encryption, and protected with a password.


The Custom plan offers unlimited videos, videos can be created in full HD. Unlike the other plan, this plan offers access to unlimited users. The plan provides unlimited storage with premium support. It has unlimited domain security, HLS Encryption, an unbranded video player, unlimited projects, and protected with a password. You will receive lifetime updates. Contact the Vadootv Player team for pricing. 

Final Thought

Upload your videos on Vadootv player for a secure and fast server using a drag and drop interface. They make video hosting fast, easy and simple for you, they are cost-effective and improves the overall experience. So, don’t wait. Choose your plan today, upload videos, and start sharing it anywhere and everywhere.

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