Twitter Testing Image Preview and Auto Crop Feature for iOS and Android Users

Twitter has recently revealed that it is testing the latest format to offer an exact preview of how their photos will look when they tweet a picture. Recently, Twitter algorithms mechanically crop the images to display them in a significantly reduced way in time. The preview of the Twitter’s photo that you will view in the Tweet creator is how it will appear on the timeline.

Before beginning today’s test, Twitter cropped all the 16:9 size photos to keep consistency on your timeline. Also, the creator of Twitter revealed that it is also testing an aspect that permits people to upload almost 4K-quality pictures from their Android device or iPhone. Twitter is making it possible and straightforward to show photos in full view and not even in half as it shows currently.

Recently, photos are mechanically cropped so that they are presented in a more reduced way. Applicants have to press on the “Image” to view the full preview. At least when a single photo arrives, it won’t be much cropping. Right now, Twitter only permits applicants to preview the picture on the timeline, and applicants need to press on the image to see the complete image.

Users Can Upload And View 4K Images: 

Twitter has launched that it is recently testing this feature for some Android and iOS applicants. Also, the micro-blogging platform will permit applicants to upload and view the 4K photos on a timeline. It will display the two main options: High-quality pictures and High-quality image upload. If you want to upload High-quality images, choose a high-quality image that is nearly up to 4K.

Twitter applicants will easily upload the high-quality images in 4K after the rollout of the update. To use the feature, go to the “Setting” menu and press on the “Data usage” tab. Now, choose the “high-quality image uploads” and then select Wi-Fi or mobile data. The default option or Twitter will always ask the applicants before uploading any image.

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