What is Firewall and How it Works?

what is firewall and how does it works

Are you a college or a school scholar? Then, you might probably be worried about how institutions might block kinds of stuff like social media or gaming websites while you access it. Here is how they control and deny access to the malicious websites you want to grasp through. It can probably save your time … Read more

How Does a VPN Work? – complete view on Encryption

How Does a VPN Work

VPN- Virtual Private Network creates a tunnel to make encrypted connections between your device and the wider internet and this encryption avoids tracking, shoplifting your data, interception, eavesdropping on your browsing information, etc., It masks your browsing information, IP address to the Websites. It also benefits users with anonymity. The encrypted tunnels are constructed using … Read more

Is Cyberbullying a Crime?- Sings and Preventive Measures

Is Cyberbullying a Crime - stop bullying

Is Cyberbullying a Crime? This article will clearly define you with What is Cyberbullying? When would Cyberbullying become a crime? Preventive measures and so on. What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is a type of harassing or seeking to harm a person via the internet. These impacts may be from social media applications, Email, Messages, forums, and … Read more

Your computer has been hacked- Top 15 signs that would utter you

Top 15 Signs Computer Has Been Hacked

The current society has been driving into the world full of theft and shoplifting. So it’s your duty to be safe and secure in both the real and online worlds. This post will clearly define you with major signs that would describe your Computer has been hacked either by malware or by trackers. So here, … Read more

Is your Chrome browser Tend to be Inactive? Brisk it with a simple tips and cope up with your mind speed.

speed up google chrome

Chrome browser, which is considered to be the foremost and basic technology that is essential for our life. Starting from gaining information related to personal, official and even for entertainment, everyone tends to crave the browser. Here are some basic tips to Speed up your google chrome by foremost Tips and strategies. Are you feeling … Read more