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If you are looking to optimize your lead generation funnel, the first step is to look at the different paths customers take to convert.  Through TruConversion, you can easily see the different paths your customers take to convert through your funnel. The different paths are called “Funnels” and each funnel will have a different color.  Through TruConversion, you will be able to see which Funnels are converting and which ones aren’t. In this article, I will talk about the TruConversion review. 

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What is Funnel? 

The funnel is an effective tool to capture leads and convert them to sales. As a matter of fact, most of the lead generation campaigns use a funnel to guide their target audience into the sales funnel. For example, internet marketers create landing pages that lead to a product page or a squeeze page that asks the prospect to enter their email address in exchange for a free e-book. This is a simple conversion funnel.

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What does TruConversion have to offer?

When it comes to marketing, finding out what is working and what isn’t is incredibly important for understanding what customers are thinking, and how to get them to buy. 

TruConversion is a simple, easy-to-use tool that tracks data about how visitors interact with your website and allows you to use that information to improve your marketing efforts. It offers a number of features, including heat maps that show which parts of your site are most viewed, session recordings that allow you to see how customers interact with your site, and form analytics that shows how well your forms are working.

Here is the list of features TruConversion offers

Smart Funnel: SmartFunnels is an all-in-one marketing funnel software that allows you to track, analyze, and optimize your marketing funnels quickly and easily. 

Visitor Session recordings: Capture visitor recordings to help understand customer behavior, see where they encounter problems and highlight the best parts of your website.

Heatmaps: Heatmaps is a powerful solution for visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing your website. Find out what your visitors are doing and where they are navigating on your website.

Feedback Form Track: Our state-of-the-art form analytics tool will give you all the insight into how your forms perform. 

MicroSurveys: Micro Surveys are a tool that allows businesses to create simple onsite questions that deliver immediate answers. 

Surveys: Consumers and businesses can leave their feedback on a company’s service or product to help improve future products.

Now I explain to you each of the TruConversion features in more details

Smart Funnel 

The Smart Funnel is the ultimate funnel tracking and analytics tool. It will track every single step of your funnel and give you full analytics on all of your funnel data. It can tell you the exact percentage of people who drop out at each step of your funnel and the exact percentage of people who convert at each step of your funnel. 


Heatmaps are eye-catching visual guides that help you see how users interact with your website or mobile app.  They’re incredibly useful for quick-and-dirty usability testing, and they can help you improve conversion rates and identify areas where users are having problems. With TruConversion heatmaps, you can track how far people scroll, what they click on, where they hover, and other details that can help you fine-tune your design.  They’re also a great tool for spotting website or app bugs. 

Session recordings 

With the TruConversion Session Recorder, your business can easily capture recordings of your website visitors’ sessions and then play them back to see what your visitors see on their screen, and what they are doing on your website. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to better optimize your site and find ways to increase your conversion rates and revenue. 

Form Analytics 

Online businesses are always looking for ways to grow their customer base. However, there are a lot of challenges when it comes to tracking the performance of your marketing efforts. There are a lot of different factors that contribute to a successful marketing campaign, and it can be difficult to determine which factors have had what effect on your campaign. This is where TruConversion form analytics can help. TruConversion Form analytics is a service that will provide you with detailed information about the performance of each of your forms. The service will provide you with a detailed analysis of the conversion rate of your forms, so you can determine which forms are working best for you and which forms need to be modified.


TruConversion has created a new way to get feedback and market research. The MicroSurveys ask instant questions that take only a few minutes to complete and will provide you with the information you need to make better business decisions. 

The questions can be about products and services, as well as customer satisfaction. The answers are automatically compiled and delivered to the business owner. This allows business owners to gain immediate insight into their business and make data-driven decisions. 

Customer Survey or Feedback

A survey is a great way to get feedback from your customers or potential customers. When you take a survey you can gather information about your customers and what they like about your product or service. You can also find out what they don’t like about your product or service. This information can help you make the necessary changes to your product or service to make it better for your customers. When you use the Customer Survey by TruConversion you can get insights about your customer. 

TruConversion pricing details

Different pricing plans are available to customers of TruConversion. These plans include the Business, the Agency plan. The cost structure is as follows: Basic, Plus, and Pro plans for a business plan.

truconversion pricing

Truconversion Verdict

With the rise of big data in recent years, marketers have been provided with a plethora of tools to measure the efficacy of their campaigns and optimize their efforts. Although these tools have been valuable to marketers, they have developed a reputation of being complicated to use and decipher. The TruConversion platform aims to change that with its analytics dashboard that allows you to measure the effectiveness of each of your marketing efforts and track the data to improve your campaign results. If you are not satisfied with TruConversion then you can try HotJar and Funnelytics. 

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