The Upcoming AI Predictive Text Feature Make Microsoft Word Flawless

Microsoft is introducing the text-prediction feature in Microsoft Word this coming March. Text Predictions in Windows Word are currently in development according to TechRadar in Microsoft 365 product roadmap. The first text-prediction feature was tipped in September 2020 by Redmond company.

The Predictive-Text UsesĀ 

The new predictive-text feature helps Microsoft users to write the text smoothly and flawlessly. This new feature allows the user to save more time. These new features have many advantages as they will adjust according to the user’s different writing styles. The text prediction can be enabled by clicking on the Tab as it also can be disabled by pressing the Escape button. Text prediction mainly helps the user to reduce spelling and grammatical errors.

Text Prediction is Entirely Safe

Microsoft’s new feature is completely safe as it does not snoop what the user is typing. These text predictions use only machine learning for suggestions. As per the report, the company does not store or see any text, document, or e-mail.

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