Telegram Launches Voice chats 2.00 – Clubhouse Clone

The word will not express what the heart says but the voice does. Taking it as an oath, Telegram moves it into the new technological update called “Voice Chat 2.0” to compete with the Clubhouse. This update is rolling out with the new features which makes the Telegram to be in the race also with Twitter and Facebook. The recent update would be more applicable in the field of IT and education helps in the team meeting and online sessions.

Special Features:

               The recent stable release rolled out with many updated features. These features would help many standard users to chat and participate in many meetings to be conducted. Also, it gives real-time experience in conducting meetings during the covid time. When comparing it with the Clubhouse, the Telegram allows unlimited participants virtually.

Voice chat 2.0

From the features, a channel admin can also host his voice chat in any of the group or channel. To do that, the channel admin should open the profile of any group or channel to host their voice and click “Start Voice chat” by clicking the three-dot menu icon.

Recording voice chats

               The new users who joined after the live event will not know about the past voice chats conducted. To rectify that, the final roll out provides the admins to record the voice chats of their particular group or channel. The recorded chats are available in the folder called “Saved Messages”. Also, the chats can be shared by the admin in their group or channel. The chats being recorded will be highlighted in red light.

Raise hand feature

               The muted participants can also participate in the live event by using the raise hand features. The admin will be notified with the animated raise hand symbol whenever the participants use that. Then, the admin choice to allow or remove from chat using the option given.

Invite links to voice chat

               Behalf of its unlimited participant feature, the group or channel admin can publish their voice chat invitation link in public. Furthermore, the admins can also add the title for the voice chat which would help the new participants in reasonable conversations.

Voice chat overlay

               The overlay option allows the participants to chat in the group or channel parallelly by allowing them to use other options on the mobile phone.

Telegram Market:

               Undoubtedly, Telegram is the most popular and growing app in the world especially in India. Security will be the biggest concern in this recent era, behalf of that the people started to use Telegram now. Also, the current rollout made on the Telegram platform would increase popularity and users.

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