Chinese Gamers were instructed to undergo an Authentication of declaring their real names by September

chinease online game new verification system

Chinese administration put an end to the gamer’s informal declaration of their names to ensure that they are not spending much time. This regulation makes Chinese gamers to have facial recognition scans. China is the country where gaming is launched after several inspections and review from the government’s regulatory board. It prohibits the games and … Read more

Instagram Facing lawsuit of $500 billion for harvesting user’s biometrics without the acquiescence

Instagram Facing lawsuit

Facebook-owned Instagram is accused of the illegal gathering of user’s biometrics, particularly facial recognition data or a “face template” to boost up their facial recognition abilities without authorization. The same situation happened one month ago for the illicit collection of biometric data via Facebook’s photo-tagging attribute and ended up paying a lawsuit of $650 million. … Read more

How Can I Know What others are Doing on my Network? – Amazing strategy for safe spying on Networks

How Can I Know What others are Doing on my Network

Monitoring all the internet traffic that moves in and out of your network helps to prevent anthropological manners. The home network keeps away the process of clearing the browsing history or utilizing the incognito mode to untrack the information. if you tend to protect your child or your loved ones from unwanted activities, this article … Read more

Top Seven ‘no logging VPN’ Service Providers Reported for Accusation Leaking User Data

no logging VPN

VPN providers who assured the policy of ‘No logging’ policy have caught leaking user’s data into the web and were accused of the misdemeanor. 1TB of user logs were found on the servers with zero security and privacy. After investigation, it was found that the logs found were from the VPN service providers who assured … Read more