Tech Giants Join their Hands to Fight against Misinformation

All the tech giants that include Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin sent their statement Monday evening combating fraud and misinformation over the COVID- 19 virus pandemics. By delivering all official guidance on their platform.

Misinformation/fake news

Misinformation about the COVID-19 started spreading across the world. The panic spreads regarding the virus reached many people through the social media platform. So, the tech giants joined together and forwarded their steps to stop the myth and scams worldwide.

These seven tech giants also invited other companies to join them to help millions of people combat fraud and misinformation. They took steps by elevating the authoritative content on social media platforms – the group announced.

They also announced that searches related to the coronavirus -would certainly pop-up the menu with the WHO’s feature information. Twitter and Facebook banned ads from spreading fake news to stop people from panic.

Stopping of Hoax

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, social media is trying to stop hoax and scam information.

All the tech giants are working closely together on response efforts to help millions of people by staying connected.

In the UK, the NHS (National Health Service) joined Twitter, Microsoft, and Facebook to tackle fake news from spreading. Google promoted official advice efficiently when someone searches for coronavirus by verifying more than 800 NHS accounts.

Banning False Treatment

The social media workers are trying their best to suspend the fake accounts by promoting the false treatment for the virus by condemning homeopaths. Google also removes all the YouTube videos regarding incorrect information over COVID-19 to fight against misinformation.

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