How Does a VPN Work? – complete view on Encryption

How Does a VPN Work

VPN- Virtual Private Network creates a tunnel to make encrypted connections between your device and the wider internet and this encryption avoids tracking, shoplifting your data, interception, eavesdropping on your browsing information, etc., It masks your browsing information, IP address to the Websites. It also benefits users with anonymity. The encrypted tunnels are constructed using … Read more

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN Review 2020: Main Features

Private Internet Access VPN Review

Private Internet Access, known in short as PIA, is one of the oldest VPNs today. It has been in operation since 2010 and grown dramatically over the years to over 3,000 servers in 45 countries.  It’s an excellent VPN with powerful security features, easy-to-use mobile and desktop clients, Netflix unblocking, and 24/7 customer support among … Read more

NordVPN Review: Pros and Cons of Using This Service

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Review: Pros and Cons of Using This Service NordVPN has a solid reputation as a leading VPN service in the industry today.  The VPN provider is known for its fast speeds, high levels of encryption and security, and the ability to circumvent geo-blocked websites and services including Netflix.  But does NordVPN deliver better value … Read more

PureVPN Review (2020): Privacy Professional and Protected

purevpn review

“When there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to seek” – Esther Perel, Begian Psychotherapist  It’s our human tendency to seek new things. We are always curious to learn, research, read, and travel. The Internet helps us to explore and learn new things. But some countries restrict websites that feed our curiosity on the … Read more