Does Google collect User Data?

Google finally reveals their privacy settings in Gmail

Apple announced new privacy policies in their latest iOS. App store’s change asks developers to add privacy labels on the App store platform on their application. As a result, Google has to provide privacy labels to all of their apps on the App Store platform in an iOS application. More Detailed Information About Gmail Privacy … Read more

VPN Vs Proxy Vs Tor- Pick the Right Solution for You

VPN Vs Proxy Vs Tor

Whether you are concerning more about insecurity or unanonymity, then one of these three might be the best solution for you. But choosing the right choice is a great job. This article will help you pick the best possible depending on your requirements. It will let you know the basic similarities and differences between VPN … Read more

Apple’s Modernized Privacy Settings Exhibit Tracking Apps

Apple new privacy settings

Limited information to be shared for the apps, updated privacy setting on its era to be welcomed Apple’s privacy policy statement tends to be toggling in media platforms as it’s likely fascinating the people by safeguarding their information. This modernized standard led Apple again to be the top of its zenith. Apple came with its … Read more

WhatsApp Descend as a Result of Privacy Settings Issue

WhatsApp, one of the significant American freeware owned by Facebook reports trouble functioning due to hidden last seen or a marked sign of being online. It comes to notice that these privacy settings have been amended today, in the late evening. The outage tracking website provides an accurate timing that around 11 pm, a manifold … Read more