Google Faces a $5 Billion Lawsuit for Tracking Users on Chrome Incognito Mode

Google faces a $5 Billion Lawsuit because they are tracking user on Chrome Incognito Mode

Google is currently facing a class-action lawsuit that is seeking up to $5 billion in damages. The lawsuit reportedly claims that the tech giant’s Chrome Web browser collects data about the behavior of users, even if the users are using the browser’s Incognito Mode. According to the lawsuit, Google’s Chrome Web browser collects users’ data … Read more

Tech Giants Join their Hands to Fight against Misinformation

facebook google twitter joins against misinformation

All the tech giants that include Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin sent their statement Monday evening combating fraud and misinformation over the COVID- 19 virus pandemics. By delivering all official guidance on their platform. Misinformation/fake news Misinformation about the COVID-19 started spreading across the world. The panic spreads regarding the virus reached many people … Read more

Google Open up Fitbit Device for advertisement Purpose

Google Open up Fitbit Device for advertisement Purpose

The customer survey reported that Google might open up Fitbit data for advertisement. Google has already announced that Fitbit has completed its acquisition and will be joining the hardware division of their company. Google promised that they would not give away any user’s information and their data for advertisements. According to Android Central As per … Read more

Google Dark Mode is Gaining Traction

google dark mode

Google has introduced many applications over the years, and each one of them has been very useful to the users and made their lives simpler. The Dark Mode features were introduced in its desktop. This is basically a change of appearance for desktop search background, and whenever a dark mode is enabled, the Google’s page … Read more

Adobe to Get Surpassed by Levoy, the Brains Behind Google Pixel Camera

adobe photoshop camera app

Adobe accompanied by Levoy, Universal Photoshop camera app to the android markets soon. Adobe hired one of the most intellectuals’ Marc Levoy who had been working for Google and this personality is remembered for his great work of Google’s ‘computational photography’. His works for Google around the past 6 years in the glass explorer edition … Read more