Apple’s New Release iOS 14.5 has Transparent Privacy with Many Useful Features

Apple's New Release iOS 14.5 features

IOS 14.5 is arriving soon after this month; this version’s public preview is already available right now. IOS 14.5 has many additional features that make the user go easy on their way. The latest Os has a handy unlocking feature to unlock a phone even wearing a mask with Apple Watch’s help that requires tracking … Read more

Apple Vs Facebook – The Two Tech Giants Fights for Privacy Changes

Apple Vs Facebook privacy changes

The CEOs of two tech giants started their war against privacy changes. They have conflicting views on public data privacy. Facebook got worried after hearing about the upcoming privacy measures by Apple. Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes Apple’s CEO During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, Facebook CEO said that they are tracking to help the people. And … Read more

Cyber Attackers are Coming Behind Apple’s Mac M1 Processor

Cyber Attackers are Coming Behind Apple’s Mac M1 Processor

Overview Cyber attackers usually target Windows as an easy target, but in recent years attackers are coming behind Apple.  Apple’s M1 Processor in Mac is becoming a target for hackers. Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle reported that he has recently found a malicious app that was created, especially for the M1 chip processor. Detailed Explanation … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook Wants to Kill Apple

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook Wants to Kill Apple

Facebook and Apple are in public relations for very long months stating that Apple doesn’t care about public privacy. Due to this, recently Mark Zuckerberg applications in the upcoming IOS and iPad OS asking users for permissions from websites before tracking them. What Matters? Mark Zuckerberg clearly stated that Facebook doesn’t provide any information or … Read more

Apple’s Modernized Privacy Settings Exhibit Tracking Apps

Apple new privacy settings

Limited information to be shared for the apps, updated privacy setting on its era to be welcomed Apple’s privacy policy statement tends to be toggling in media platforms as it’s likely fascinating the people by safeguarding their information. This modernized standard led Apple again to be the top of its zenith. Apple came with its … Read more

Apple’s Update on guidelines for the developers to romp through app evaluation

Apple’s app store Updated on guidelines for the developers

New implementation of guidelines put down by Apple to the developers Apple’s app store which is a digital scattering platform that is the only source of software available for the users developed and supported by apple Inc. a predefined guideline is set by the company to the developers. This app observation guideline provides developers with … Read more