Slack Review- A WorkSpace Communication Tool

Slack is a business-based communication platform, utilized in a real-time messaging application, informal way of communication can transfer files, documents, and other parts of media. I have come to know about the Slack application which I have reviewed and found that the application is largely utilized by the organizations between their team members to collaborate about the information to be conveyed to their higher authority. 

Slack Plans and Pricing 

Slack has introduced its gratis plan to attract the employees and organization to utilize the plans. This free version could be visualized only up to limited messages and can view only their workspaces. The standard Slack plan offers less expense which is deployed by small and medium sector-based organizations. It is free for a subscription. Price is fixed based on the usage. The price starts from $8.00/ month. 

What’s Good in Slack- A Simple Slack Review 

The greatest benefit in deploying this application is private chats can be carried out. Slack application has been more efficient by its voice and video call to optimize from the ordinary messaging business-based application. 


This application is utilized by many organizations because its user-friendly method attracts users. Large scale sectors utilize this real-time business-based application for its unique fields established in the application. 

The optimization is carried by enabling direct messages through prospective persons from low level to higher-level authorities. The Slack application can be viewed through their channels by the team revealing the system. The interruptions can be avoided in the channel which may happen in it. A Slack Review is one of the best ways to come to know about a tool’s efficiency. 

Best  features of Slack 

In case any regularly used chats can be pinned on top of the chat screen to search for every time whenever used to search for that chat. If any documents to be searched or managed it can be done through the search option available in the application where if a path has been forgotten it can be tracked. This tool also supports Video and Audio Conferencing.

 Advanced Searching Options 

The searching methods are available in an advanced manner to optimize the facility provided by the application. If any important meeting or sessions to be carried out we can set a reminder to make an alert without any skip taking place and the ability to collaborate with other applications. 

The workspaces are shared through bridges and rely on the motive to adopt the application.

Slack Communication over Email

Communication in Slack can overwhelm the email, which is customized according to the business collaborations that can take place. The switching between the applications while undergoing conversations is not required; we are able to undergo the tools which we need to utilize at the time. But in the email may not be possible to carry out such things, in case we undergo or switch to another application it may create a draft. 

Email cannot carry out large size of conversation which has exceeded some size to transfer or share a media, in Slack size it doesn’t matter to share or transfer files.

My first Experience with Slack

I had a  wonderful experience with Slack and it has made me interested to utilize it because of its integrations with other applications. I found that the features involved in Slack during my experience where messages can be sent easily and it is user-friendly with advanced features like creating a channel for prospective people or teams to be involved. 


Slack has the ability to undergo integration with other applications in order to enhance the utility of the application when compared with other messaging applications.

 Some applications like Trello, G calendar, G docs, and Asana were the applications combined with Slack to handle the integration to develop the system optimization. The Slack application is developed to benefit the project management tools and customize the options as per requirement. 

Trello is the best integration tool for Slack because whenever any new business ideas are shared, it will be shared easily through the command: “/Trello,”. 

The integration with other applications to provide solutions for Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive applications with a reasonable price policy. The chance of identifying specific folders or files in the history to improve the quality and which shows its integration level. 

Slack Bot 

It is a default bot that may answer the questions regarding Slack features. This will respond to the commands automatically to default slash commands. 

Pros & Cons


  • Slack has some of its unique benefits which improve the growth of this real-time application in the business platform and project management tools. 
  • The user can create a chat room and can customize who is to be included in that compartment and can share the speech or media to be transferred. 
  • Communication has been made effective and efficient without any interruptions taking place. 
  • Better integrations are handled in this real-time application where chat collaborations are simple and user-friendly. 
  • The massive storage or bulk storage is applicable for another source of applications across different platforms. 
  • This can handle the screen sharing option and can connect the video and voice calls to the persons in that collaboration whenever required with privacy. 


  •  Demerits in deploying the Slack application are because it takes too much time to track the history to be sorted out. 
  • In some cases, channels may get lost and reconstruction of the entire system is hard to establish as it appeared. 
  • It cannot be utilized in long-term processes and fails to rely on its work. 
  • There may be confusion in utilizing the application and the thread channel may appear to destruct the entire information stored in and the ability to undergo unauthorized access from third parties. 
  • It was quite hard to control the notifications because integration from various applications was enabled.  


The Slack Tool which was reviewed has gathered some information and the business-based platforms have benefits in utilizing the system and provides various facilities available in the system. Slack helps the team members to interact with their co-workers by the individual channels created according to the requirement of projects taken place. It is worth the best collaboration with the project management tools and helps the users with storage solutions. It is optimized with Microsoft technologies to improve the productivity level application. 

It is a direct messaging application that has some specific features making more advantages to utilize the system. Even the small-scale organizations could afford the Slack application to make collaborations in business and to enhance their utility to every perspective with the privacy-related terms.

In a summary, I feel this tool will create a better interactive nature for all professionals. So, I suggest the usage of Slack may be useful for every organization. And I found this tool seems to be very easy to use. 


1. What platforms does Slack support?

The Slack tool supports applications like Jira, Trello, and Asana.

2. Does Slack support Integration?

Yes, it undergoes integration with other applications like G Docs, Asana, etc.

3. Will the application accept multi-user access?

The application can undergo multi-user access, as a benefit of utilizing the application.

4. Does Slack provide tracking and managing facilities?

It has the capability to manage and track the system.

5.Who are the main users of Slack?

The main users of Slack are Organization based members and providing storage solutions.


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