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We live in an increasingly digital world. From online banking and paying bills to emailing your friends and family to streaming movies and TV shows, paper is becoming less and less important in our daily lives. However, there is one area where paper still rules supreme: signatures. Whether you’re signing a lease on an apartment, a contract with a company, or a check to pay the rent, most signatures are still done on paper. And while the paper may still be the norm, the digital world is catching up. In this article, we will look into Signaturely review, which makes eSignatures super simple.

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What is Signaturely? 

The Signaturely online signature software makes it possible for you to get legal, business and personal documents signed online platforms, which makes it easier to get things done and to keep your information safe. With Signaturely, you can get a document signed in minutes, with no printing or filling out of any forms. 

Signaturely may seem like a tool for lawyers, but it can actually help Legal teams, freelancers, agencies, and HR departments. Sending and signing paper documents can be difficult, but with Signaturely you can create a  document online, then send it to whoever needs to sign it, with a legally binding signature. When all parties have signed, your documents are stored online for your future reference.

Signaturely Review

The signaturely is founded in December 2019 and I take the founding year as a Twitter account creation date. The founder of Signaturely is Will Cannon. And he also developed Uplead which is a B2B business contact data provider. He lives in Los Angeles, California. You can connect with Will Cannon on Facebook and Linkedin

Signaturely is the electronic signing online tool you can easily send, sign, track and store documents easily on this tool. The 60 international laws support eSignature and now online document signs are valid like paper signs. 

By using Signaturely you can upload documents or use templates that are approved by legal experts and proofreaders. Then you need to add the signature field by using an online editor. Now you can send documents to signees. 

If someone signs your document then signaturely notifies you on the platform and also sends reminders to signees if they have not signed the document. Compared to traditional paper signing methods you can finish getting signs done very fast by using Signaturely.  

 I signed up on a Signaturely free trial account by using a trial account you can get three e-Signatures per month for free. After signing, I tested to upload documents on the platform to sign myself on the document. It works really well for me because the user interface is really simple to follow. 

Signature integrates with Google Docs, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. You can import documents from cloud storage easily by using those integrations. 

Signaturely stores documents for future references and records each activity of the signees which is helpful when you have legal problems with signees. 

Signaturely is a cheap alternative tool compared to DocuSign, HelloSign, and PandaDoc. DocuSign is the biggest competitor of Signaturaly and they don’t offer free plans. Signaturely offers a free trial account you don’t need to provide credit card details while signup. 

Overall it is the most recommended tool. If your organization wants a hassle-free document signing process then use Signaturely. Your documents are getting signed on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Signaturely Pricing & Cost

Signaturely offers three pricing plans you can buy this tool for monthly or yearly. Those plans are Free, Personal, and Business. If you subscribe annually you will get a 20% discount. The three plan details are given below.

Free plan – In this plan, you can able to get three signatures per month. This plan is suitable for personal work.

Personal – If you are a freelancer this plan is suitable for you. You can get signatures for unlimited documents and can able to store one template for reuse. The yearly price is $16/month and if you choose monthly they charge $20/month.

Business – You can use a business plan when you have team members and you need to get a sign on different documents then use this plan. In this, you get everything is unlimited. If you subscribe to this plan you need to pay $24/month yearly and $30/month monthly.

Signaturely Key Features

Here we listed important features of Signaturely which will give ideas about the software. 

Easy Collaboration

Some documents need signs of multiple signees. In this case, you can send documents to multiple signees from Signaturely and get signs easily from any device. Signaturely made collaboration easy. 

Free Contract Templates

Signaturely has free contract templates that are reviewed by legal experts and proofreaders. You can also create templates for yourself from scratch and reuse them unlimited times for repeated document works. Templates are a great time saver, and you can customize the documents according to your business needs.

Legally Binding

You don’t worry about the legality of the Signaturely signs. Because Signaturely complies with current laws and regulations. Each and every piece of data collected in Signaturaly is legally binding. 

Automatic Reminder

You sent the singing documents to multiple signees but someone hasn’t signed yet. You can remind them by using Signaturely auto remainder. 

Easy Access & Management of the Documents

If you use paper as a document, then finding and managing your papers is not easy when using Signaturely you can find old documents easily by using the filter option. You can get all the details of when the document is created, signed. And also Signaturely store all the documents for future references.


Instead of relying on pen and paper, with their messy ink and slow delivery, you can verify signatures using Signaturely, a web-based electronic signature service. It saves you time and reduces carbon footprint and it makes your company natural friendly. 

How to use Signaturely?

You can create an account on Signaturely by using email or through Gmail. After login into the dashboard, it looks like the below screenshot. 

Then you need to go to the settings page to update company information, profile details and create signatures. 

Go to Settings > Company

In the company section you need to upload a logo and update company details. 

Profile Section 

In this section you need to update your full name, upload profile picture, date format and time zone. 

Edit Signature

Now you can create a signature in this section. And the next section is the billing details part. 


You can create templates from scratch and use them for unlimited time yourself and your teams.


You can add a team member here. Your team members create documents and send documents to signees to get signatures. 

Sign Section

The Sign section consists of three sections Only me, Me & Others and Only Others. You can choose anyone based on your requirement. You can use those three options to prepare documents here. You can upload document files here or import documents from cloud storages. 

For example I will show you the Me & Others section by using screenshots.

Integrations and API

Here is the list of currently available on the Signaturely. 

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • One Drive
  • Box

List of Future integrations they planned to include.

  • Zapier
  • Pabbly connect

Signaturely Alternatives

I listed a few Signaturely alternatives below. Here are few tool

  • DocuSign
  • HelloSign
  • PandaDoc

Signaturely Helpful Links

Roadmap & Feedback:
FAQ’s & Help Center:
Facebook Group:
Referral Program:
Free Contract Templates:
Free eSignature Maker:

Signaturely FAQ’s


Signaturely, a product that stores all documents in one place digitally. There’s a lot of different ways to store documents digitally, but what sets Signaturely apart is its simplicity and ease of use. By using Signaturely signing documents is easy, and done on the fly. You just sign your name and you are done. No need to go back and fill in any blanks, nothing like that. As long as you have your smartphone with you, you’re good to go.

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