Notion Review – Manage all Personal and Team Activities Under a Roof

notion review

It’s been a year of searching project management and note-taking application where should be applied in both platforms like desktop and mobile application with many features under a roof. I came over many applications like Evernote and Bear for taking notes and tools for managing projects of my team. But still, those are looks less … Read more

TruConversion Review – Funnel Tracking and Optimization Tool | alternative

TruConversion review

Limited time Black Friday offer is going. Hurry Buy here! If you are looking to optimize your lead generation funnel, the first step is to look at the different paths customers take to convert.  Through TruConversion, you can easily see the different paths your customers take to convert through your funnel. The different paths are … Read more

Slack Review- A WorkSpace Communication Tool

slack review

Slack is a business-based communication platform, utilized in a real-time messaging application, informal way of communication can transfer files, documents, and other parts of media. I have come to know about the Slack application which I have reviewed and found that the application is largely utilized by the organizations between their team members to collaborate … Read more

Rake Review – Connecting Platform – for All Stakeholders

rake review

Rake is the connecting Platform for all the companies. Rakes helps to monitor their websites and sees who is checking their company in real-time. Henceforth, it might increase the sales and service of the company. Rake helps to monitor the visitors how long they have been looking into their pages.  The integrated task management technology … Read more

MarketMuse Review – AI Content Planning and Optimization Software

marketmuse review

If you want to steadily stream the article, you can’t spend hours and hours of time researching that. MarketMuse helps to accelerate your content research, content strategy, content creation, content optimization process, and Natural language generation. It uses AI-powered content marketing and keyword planner to help you build content strategies, accelerate content creation and inform … Read more

SyncSpider Review & Pricing Plans- A Tool That Automates E-Com Stores

SyncSpider Review

SyncSpider is a cloud-based, multi-channel ecommerce automation engine that helps online retailers save time and money by automating repetitive tasks, increasing the productivity of their teams, and generating more revenue from every customer. This SyncSpider Review will make the user to understand the effectiveness and usage of software. It offers many features that allow you … Read more