Rake Review – Connecting Platform – for All Stakeholders

Rake is the connecting Platform for all the companies. Rakes helps to monitor their websites and sees who is checking their company in real-time. Henceforth, it might increase the sales and service of the company. Rake helps to monitor the visitors how long they have been looking into their pages. 

The integrated task management technology in the Rake is beneficial for the organization by allowing the agent to create the task directly. The customer agent can create the task with the customer directly with the chat, and the task can be assigned to anyone even while engaged. The Rake Review will help the consumers to know more about the tool and its usages. 

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The main aim of the Rake Platform

Rake platform is to help organizations around the world to improve the connectivity among the stakeholders. It provides an effective messaging Platform internally and externally among the customer and agent all around the world. It is sufficient for all types of organizations. The messaging will establish the communication for better reasoning.

Rake used robust digital messaging to connect people to people, people to machine, and machine to machine. Robust digital messaging is one of the most advanced technologies in today’s world. The effective messaging Platform enables a deeper understanding of the customer and improves sales and services.

What Rake Provide

Rake provides unlimited storage space and makes sure to connect all the stakeholders without limiting the messaging storage. The Rake also offers a 24/7 customer support service so that you can use mail/chat freely to their support and solve your queries. The Rake also makes sure that all messages are an available eternity for all the users in a free and paid plan.

The customer support offers many supporting videos to work with experience. You can also book a free demo by entering your contact details, and the support team will connect you.

All about Rake

Connect, Engage, and Collaborate is the motto of the Platform. It is the one-stop messaging Platform for all the stakeholders. After logging into the Platform, each user is provided with their workspace. In the workspace, the user can collaborate with co-workers and guests through their required chat channel. Private one-on-one channels, private group channels, and public group channels are the available channels for collaborations. Each channel includes attachments, emojis, and live links with the messaging option. The Rake is similar to Slack collaboration. Personally, Rake is comparatively better than the Slake team.

The channels connect the group of people who have different goals in which the work gets done. The result can be accomplished by sharing messages, files, texts, documents, and images. This process can be easily searched, shared to make the work done. No need to worry- all the messages are securely stored in Rake. Here messages are encrypted in transit.

Live Website visitor Monitoring is available to all the users. The user can access the display and checks the information about the visits on the website. Rakes also provides an option to directly chat with the website visitors by an external conversation from the defined workspace.

The task management system is my hero in the Rake system. It is easily accessible to all the system users in the workspace. The task can be assigned and managed from any conversation. Messaging can be created from website chat widgets, Facebook Messenger, SMS, etc.

Based on the information provided by the customer support team- Rake will expand their Platform into a complete platform. The Rake might provide an accessible API, software developer kits, and webhooks in the future. Now Rake is available on a desktop and a mobile application without any limitations.

The Rake workspace also includes a personal dashboard for the user, a customer management system, and a channel directory.

Rake Pricing Plans

Messaging features are open to all the Rake plans. No contract is needed to establish any plan. You can cancel at any time and also upgrade and downgrade the program at any time. There are three pricing plans available in Rake. Therefore, an organization can choose and connect your company as per the price and plan.

Rake 10

It is free of cost. It is well suited for all the small business teams and startups. Up to 10 users can access it. The company will get up to 5 Chat Domains, 5 Chat Widgets, and 500 SMS Messages. Unlimited search History and On-boarding Consultation is available for users.

Rake 25

It is available for $50/ month as it reduces the expense and improves the connectivity. Up to 25 users can access the Platform with Unlimited chat Domain, Unlimited Chat widgets, 1000 SMS 

Messages, Unlimited search History, and Onboard Consultations.

Rake Unlimited

It is available for $ 75/ month with an Unlimited user count. It is effective for big organizations. It is great for 26 users or 26,000 users. Unlimited Users can access the system with Unlimited chat Domains, unlimited Chat Widgets, 2000 SMS Messages, Unlimited Search History, On-boarding Consultations with Roles and Permissions.

rake pricing

Is Rake.ai Helpful?

Yes, Rake is helpful and useful for the organization to develop their sales and to improve their service. Rake Chat Widget is beneficial to engage with the customer who visits the websites. The Rake omnichannel chat connection helps the agencies to connect them to the visitors on various platforms. The Rake Website visitors monitoring features help the organization know about the visitors and learn about their requirements. 

The Rake Task management feature can improve the efficiency and accountability of the organization. Finally, the Team communication feature helps with channel conversation and direct messages.

I believe connecting companies are winning companies. Rake uses robust digital messaging to connect people to one of the most advanced technologies in today’s world. Rake.ai connects your company with the internal and external stakeholders for all types of organizations. Messaging is an essential form of communication. Always Rake’s customer support team is open to all the doubts and ready to solve them.


  •  It is the best chat app since all internal messaging is possible like Slack Tool.
  • It is faster and has better search. 


  • No API and still it is recommended to be integrated with some more apps.

Final Words

Rake is a web application to help organizations to connect the stakeholders to improve their sales and services with the advanced features. Rake provides benefits to every stakeholder related to an organization. It supports many features live two-way omnichannel messaging, a task management system, and a live website visitor monitoring display by allowing their customer to create their workspace for their organization. It supports external and internal conversations all around the world. Search history helps the leaders to help the job trainers by sharing the company information and documents. The search history allows the learners to know about the culture and process of the organization.

General Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Rake Workspace?

Rakes helps the organization stakeholders connect, engage, and manage all the messaging in an organized way in the workspace. It provides a 2-way omnichannel for external conversations. The workspace owner can invite other users and manage the workflow.

2. What are all the features included in the free plan?

Yes, all the features are included in all plans. The price determines the size of the team. The free plan is basically for small businesses with 10 users.

3. Is it possible to track on-site visitors?

Yes, it is possible to track the on-site visitors through the Rake Live chat Widget. This feature sends a notification to your workspace when visitors visit your website pages. The Rake provides all the information regarding the visitor like location, referring page, URL, page name, and current viewing. It also provides how many times that particular visitor visited your site and more.

4. Is live chat available on mobile?

Yes, Rake supports mobile apps. It supports iOS and Android device applications with full functionality of messaging with an internet connection.

5. Does Rake support Facebook messenger?

Yes, Rake provides a 2-way omnichannel messaging Platform. So it offers complete integration to Facebook Messenger.

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