Get 75 Percent off 2 TB of Cloud Storage With pCloud’s Black Friday Promo

Why pay for cloud storage every year when you can make a single payment and enjoy the service for years to come?

Founded in Switzerland, pCloud was a relative newcomer to the online storage market when it began in 2013.

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage providers available right now. It offers a range of affordable storage plans and gives away a decent amount of free cloud storage. pCloud also gives its users full control over their privacy, something we’ll cover in greater detail during this pCloud.

Need a place to keep your important work documents? Looking for storage for those cherished family photos? Spacious hard drives are the answer, especially if you spend most of your time at your computer. But if you tend to fill up hard drive space faster than you can purchase additional storage options with documents, photos, and videos, cloud storage may be a viable solution for you.

Check out pCloud’s Black Friday promo.

This year, pCloud is offering a Black Friday promotion on their 500 GB and 2 TB lifetime plans. If you buy a plan during the promotional period, you’ll get 75 percent off — that’s $122 for 500 GB and $245 for 2 TB. Note that this applies to the lifetime plans only, not the one-year subscription. Of course, when you buy a lifetime plan, you’re getting a huge discount anyway.

What really sets them apart are these two special features:

  1. Lifetime Subscription
    For a nominal one-time payment, you can subscribe to their services permanently without any annual or monthly renewal fees.
  2. pCloud Crypto
    For the best in data security, you can choose to lock your files with encryption on your device before uploading for storage. This secures it from any unwanted eyes and ensures that only you (and whoever you give the key to) has access to the file.

pCloud Reviews


Digomiero – pCloud Customer

Stable, fast and I can use in all my devices!

Very easy to configure, has a lot of great suggestions/notifications, specially on mobile, and so far I could not find any bugs.

I have it installed on my OS, my browser, my mobile phone.. it’s just everywhere…

It just do its job, in a reliable and hardware saving manner!


Tim – pCloud Customer

Very good investment

I’ve been waiting a couple of years for an online storage solution that doesn’t cost a bomb and grabbed this one with both hands. So far so good, but man, does it take a long time to upload all the files. One folder had 15Gb of data.
My only suggest is, have a ‘pause’ button for uploading as it steals all the bandwidth which isn’t good for trying to do anything else, especially when the upload of one folder takes days. All I see is a stop button, and when clicked it asks if I want to cancel the sync, which I don’t.
I asked for help, but as the support isn’t 24/7 its not helpful on weekends from a home office.


Slavi – pCloud Customer

The best cloud drive

Great functionality and the best integration – much better than OneDrive and Google Drive. It does not require a lot go space for syncing like OneDrive and works transparently as a true virtual drive. Download speed is also much better than the competition when sharing links. The only case you will see a bit of delay is when dealing with really big files.

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