Encharge Review & Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Features and Pricing Details

encharge review and appsumo lifetime deal

If you are a businessman, you would come across a word called ‘Email Marketing’ or even an individual who also realized about email marketing through their emails. Nowadays, all companies are applying the email marketing strategy to stay connected with their customers. Email marketing is a way to reach customers through their mail unless they … Read more

Notion Review – Manage all Personal and Team Activities Under a Roof

notion review

It’s been a year of searching project management and note-taking application where should be applied in both platforms like desktop and mobile application with many features under a roof. I came over many applications like Evernote and Bear for taking notes and tools for managing projects of my team. But still, those are looks less … Read more

WhatsApp Web Multi-Device Beta is possible for the users through the beta version

WhatsApp Web Multi-Device Beta

WhatsApp is a highly utilized application in our daily life. However, WhatsApp has some constraints in connecting with other devices. Employees in corporate would not prefer to use mobile phones with them for sequential chat using WhatsApp. So, they use WhatsApp web to connect their phone with their laptops. But this could be possible only … Read more

TruConversion Review – Funnel Tracking and Optimization Tool

TruConversion review

If you are looking to optimize your lead generation funnel, the first step is to look at the different paths customers take to convert.  Through TruConversion, you can easily see the different paths your customers take to convert through your funnel. The different paths are called “Funnels” and each funnel will have a different color.  … Read more