Music Service with Lossless Quality Audio Subscription: New Spotify HiFi Announced

Spotify HiFi

Recently Spotify announced, Music service with lossless quality audio for their subscribers later in the year in the selected market. Spotify said that the company would offer a new add-on service to their existing devices. So, the user is able to experience their favorite streaming with a right and clear quality track.   Spotify joins Amazon … Read more

“Download For You” Feature in Netflix Now

Netflix download feature

Netflix launched a new feature, “Download for You,” to bring more offline content to their subscribed user. The download for you will automatically download the recommended TV shows, Movies, or Series of choice to mobile or any device. According to Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, Patrick Fleming, Netflix introduced Smart Downloads to the next … Read more

Does Google collect User Data?

Google finally reveals their privacy settings in Gmail

Apple announced new privacy policies in their latest iOS. App store’s change asks developers to add privacy labels on the App store platform on their application. As a result, Google has to provide privacy labels to all of their apps on the App Store platform in an iOS application. More Detailed Information About Gmail Privacy … Read more

The Mysterious Malware Targets only Macs

Malware Targets only Macs

The mysterious Silver Sparrow malware targets Macs Apple’s in-house M1 chip. According to researchers at the security firm Red Canary, nearly 30,000 Macs infected across 153 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany.  Security Firm Red Canary Report The goal for this malware is not clear as the issue is somewhat confounding to … Read more