Notion Review – Manage all Personal and Team Activities Under a Roof

It’s been a year of searching project management and note-taking application where should be applied in both platforms like desktop and mobile application with many features under a roof. I came over many applications like Evernote and Bear for taking notes and tools for managing projects of my team. But still, those are looks less in sleek design application which should have a collection of flexible interfaces to record and manage individual and team activities.

A month before my colleague recommended this Notion tool and he recommended me to use because of its abundant features available for individual also for teams.

What is Notion?

Past few months ago, I came across a new application called ‘Notion’ and tried a bit to work on it. As a Project manager, the Notion application gives me a way to record and track many to-dos lists and can manage a team of various sizes. It is composed of many components like calendars, reminders, notes, databases, and many others. Amazed, it holds many features for tracking the process made and ready to apply in many fields like engineering, education, marketing, and even sales and support.

I’m having the habit of taking the laptop and mobile in my other hand. Got Excited, the Notion tool can access on both platforms. It can access through operating systems like Microsoft, macOS, Android, and iOS. I could easily switch over to different devices at a time based on my comfort.

My Experience with Notion 

Before getting into the workflow, I would like to talk about the outline of the Notion application. The application looks appealing good, molded with a simple design. As a project manager, I won’t take a corner seat to manage my team, I always use to go out for a meeting or any other company activities. In those cases, I would prefer to work in dark mode inside my cabin and light mode when I am out. This Notion gives me that too. 

 When it comes to working in this application, it is easy to handle two different workflows. It allows me to track daily tasks and monthly tasks. Many other applications available in the market will not have this feature under a roof. Regarding my daily and monthly targets, the Notion application prefers me to create a workspace called To-Do where I can add my daily tasks and monthly too. 

 I always used to take paper and a pen to note and track my daily tasks, but now Notion removes those difficulties. It provides me with a blank slate on each day, also allows me to create a new one at the starting of each day. The task completed can be marked and uncompleted are unchecked to redo again on the next day. The delete option used for removing the unwanted task to me.   

 While I am in the office, I used to implement a separate application or tool in my lap to track all the activities done by my team. But the Notion gives that too in a single application where I can handle all different activities like assigning, tracking, taking notes while in a meeting, etc. Also, the application allows for adding design specifications, guidelines for coding, etc. Here, a separate sheet can be linked to other sheets too. 

 I had an opportunity to visit my friend’s office, got admired that his entire company’s work has been managed by using this application. On a separate page, the company maintains its product and bugs, on another page, it has its blog posts. Also, the company maintains some blog spots and materials that their workers interested in. So, you can think about how does the application work for all the process in an organization.

Features of Notion App

Note Taking

I had been coming across many applications that are not having that effective in note-taking. The reason is that most of them allow adding only the notes in the text form. But the Notion has many additional features like adding videos, images, or even sounds added to the plain text. While considering project management, the team members can reflect their views over the notes. 


The Notion holds many templates in default and gives the way to create a new interactive page in a second, allows to cut down the time in creating new blogs or pages. For example, users can use the existing blogs or pages as a template to add their information. 

Task and Projects

Looks more effective in case of assigning and tracking the progress of the tasks and their activities. As the tasks aligned in the Kanban board helps easily to navigate between the tasks. 

Even more, the Notion allows creating a separate folder to categorize the task into a group. The notification is enabled to notify the project developments.

Multiple Views

This feature gives higher advantages to the Notion application because it provides the drag and drops option with more comfort in tracking tasks. The To-Do list will be in many views like calendar, separate view, etc.


This tool can integrate a large amount of data from external tools like Google Drive and Calendar app, Typeform, etc. It would be more advantageous for this tool and gives the way to switch many users to this application. 


Many advantages are available when comparing it with other tools in the market. I would like to list them in a list.

  • In simple words, it is just more than a note-taking app. It would not allow us to navigate between the tabs and applications to complete our job. But, everything under a single roof.
  • The Notion has a clutter-free environment where individuals and teams can easily adapt to its nature.
  • Its adaptability nature is just amazing because it will function as it is in all types of operating systems and even in mobile.
  • It may take a bit of time to settle but if it happens then it would be the most useful application in the project management field. 


Can’t compete

Looks difficult to validate the Notion among a large number of project management tools. However, the Notion would be considered as alternatives for project management. The Notion does not have the in-built features like Gantt chart, remainders, adding customized project status.


Since, the Notion is capable of integrating the data from Google Calendar but still, misses some data like the invitations used. The reason is that the Notion has its own built-in calendars. 

Also, desktop users should depend on internet connectivity because the offline process is not activated in this phase. 


However, the Notion may have higher advantages on its own, the cost will be a special feature to reach its customer. The Notion is available in four different forms. 


notion pricing

  • Free – The users can access unlimited pages and blocks available, sync all devices, and 5MB file only allowed to upload.
  • Pro – Additional to the features in free, the user can upload unlimited files. $4/month.
  • Team – All features in the application. $8/month, per user.
  • Enterprise – Single sign-on, security, contract for customers, capabilities for a dedicated manager.

Final Thoughts

You would find some difficulties in the earlier phase of the implementation but still, it holds many advantages. You may find some useful applications other than the Notion but I felt missing this for a long moment. So, through this application, I could manage all the team and personal activities in a single application. Also, it will be accessible in two different modes through desktop and mobile apps. 

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