NoCodeAPI Review – Build APIs for Third Party Apps Without Code

I hope you would have heard about the word JSON. The JSON helps in transmitting the structured data between clients and servers. It is inherited from the markup language of XML which is human readable but intended for machine usage. A programmer needs to get and attach data collected from other websites to their API. But it seems very difficult in extracting the data from the targeted websites because it requires them to raise ‘Get’ and ‘put’ response codes towards the server to get the JSON codes. A website with smaller information can be easily retrieved but think in the case of a website with a huge dataset. So, the developers continuously searching for shortcuts to extract the required data from the targeted website in the form of JSON.

Here comes a new product called ‘NoCodeAPI’ from the word notifies that it won’t give you a chance to write a small piece of code. It gives you hassle-free JSON data which could be directly applied to your code. NoCodeAPI allows us to easily connect with many APIs and some popular APIs are Google sheet, Airtable, Google Analytics, Twitter, Telegram, etc. These can be achieved by three steps by selecting services, form filling, and downloading the generated document. These steps will be covered in the following path of this review. NoCodeAPI provides a way to secure the data collected on the cloud servers. Using this platform, you get the hassle-free endpoint code that could be applied directly to the website or mobile application development.

How it works?

This entire section will give you the tutorial based on integrating the NoCodeAPI with Google Sheet. Look, the NoCodeAPI is also available to integrate with many other applications like Airtable, Cloudinary, etc. The basic steps remain the same in all the applications but may include simple additional steps for authentication. As I mentioned above, the entire work with NoCodeAPI puts under three steps.

However, most applications give you the entry point to identify the user also to bring the user activities under a single login. So, you need to create your account and login into the NoCodeAPI

Login or Signup page

Once you are done with the login, the website takes you to the next page called ‘Dashboard’ where you find the word called ‘Marketplace’. Click on that and again click “view Marketplace” where you get handsome of applications onboard. Now select “Google Sheet” from the list.

nocodeapi login


The next screen holds the functionality of the Google sheet where you can create a new Google sheet. First, authenticate with your Gmail id where you have to grant permission to NoCodeAPI. Now give a name for the sheet and the sheet id you already have.

nocodeapi marketplace

New Google Sheet

Here the Google sheet already with the information arranged in rows and columns. Once, you link the Google sheet with NoCodeAPI, it automatically generates the JSON code with it. The endpoint JSON is available in the link that is generated in default. Now you have two options get all records or append new records. This could be possible once you select on ‘Try it’ button. Now the NoCodeAPI prompts new options on the left side where you have the option to move with ‘Get’ or ‘Post’. Again, a new window prompting you to get options to get the JSON code. Now give the Sheet id and click execute.

Googlesheet nocodeapi


Extract JSON Code

Now you will get the JSON script for the entire data given in the Google sheet where you can download the script. Note that the above is a sample process because you have options to import data from any website to the applications like Google sheet, Airtable, and webflow.


  • The main feature is that the NoCodeAPI would automatically and flexible in connecting with third-party web services like Airtable, Google sheet, and more which helps in building the API by own.
  • Within 3 to 5 clicks, the API endpoint will get ready. When compared to other tools in the market, the speed will be more.
  • The works done will be stored in the cloud servers and encrypted.
  • The cost is not charged for storage and server maintenance.
  • Many developers in this world use NoCodeAPI among them Google, Decathlon, Microsoft, Zoom are popular companies.


NoCodeAPI gives three different pricing options to their customer, each one has its standards. The three cost options personal, Professional and Business. Each cost holds similar features but the cost depends on the number of requests to be made.

nocodeapi pricing details

Final Thought

See, there are many applications available in the market which would have a similar process in extracting and generating JSON data. But non-other will hold this many features in it. You know why, it has the capability of converting the huge data into the JSON within a fraction of time. Also, NoCodeAPI does not require any server setup and coding just you need to login and work on it. Finally, it holds more of the 50-integration process in it. So, it is flexible and attracts many clients to use this web service frequently.

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