Nichesss Review + Lifetime Deal: Helps you to Generate Ad copy and Content

Have you ever tried to write a marketing copy for your website or blog and found that you were completely blocked? You try to start writing, but nothing comes out. You end up wasting time doodling with your pen and staring at a blank page, not knowing what to do. This is a problem that everyone who writes copy for their website or blog has had to face. And it is a problem that can be easily solved with artificial intelligence. The AI-Based Copywriting tool by Nichesss is designed to write copy for your website or blog. You can generate any type of content within 60 seconds by using AI on Nichesss. All you have to do is input the keywords and the product or service you want to promote, and the tool will write the copy for you. 

I bought Nichesss Lifetime deal from Appsumo marketplace, they are offering it $59 for one time fees. You can grab this deal to get unlimited usage credit/token. Nichesss got 167 five star reviews on Appsumo when writing this Nichesss Review. 

Our Nichesss Review

Nichesss is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to create marketing copy and many forms of content for you. You just need to give it a description of your product and Nichesss will create a unique description for you. The AI technology behind Nichesss is GPT-3 which was released recently by OpenAI. 

Nichesss founded by Malcolm Tyson and he is a passionate developer and he has a good experience in app development. I am following Malcolm Tyson on his Nichesss Official Facebook group. The Nichesss FB group has more than 4000 followers. In that group he is really helpful and solves customer queries as soon as possible. 

What is GPT 3? 

GPT-3 is an advanced AI language model developed by OpenAi co-founded by Elon Musk & Sam Altman and others. By using the GPT-3 Artificial intelligence algorithm you can generate human-like text. The accuracy of the output is high compared to the GPT-2. 

You can use GPT-3 for a variety of use cases. Here we use Nichesss web application for generating business ideas, Facebook, Instagram ad copy, quizzes and content for a variety of purposes. 

How Nichesss Work? 

After login to Nichesss dashboard you can see the different custom content forms listed one by one. You can choose any one of the custom content forms to generate content for you. For example, I selected blog tools for generating blog intro, title and listicles. 

nichesss blog intro

Based on your input Nichesss generates human-like text. On the Nichesss backend after clicking the “Generate more now” button,  Nichesss contact the OpenAI GPT-3 platform by using an API for generating content and finally OpenAI sends generated output to Nichesss. 

Features of Nichesss

Nichesss will generate business ideas, marketing copy and content for different purposes.  Here I will list all of those custom content types. 

nichesss custom content

  • Start Marketing Plan
  • Blog Tools
  • Ad Copy
  • Short Post Generator
  • Image post ideas
  • Get Feedback
  • Youtube Tools
  • Email Tools
  • Product Tools
  • Career Tools
  • Sales Copy Tools
  • Poem Writer
  • SEO Tool
  • Course Tool
  • Coding Tools

And finally you can able to generate business ideas by using Quizzes

business idea quizzes

Pro and Cons


  • Unlimited usage for one time fees.
  • It generates human like text
  • Employ cost reduces
  • Quality of the output is high compared to GPT-2 version


  • Initially Nichesss dashboard is hard to understand how to use
  • All Nichesss generated is not directly useable. Needs little tweak.

Final Thought

After playing with Nichesss for a day I learned that you can easily generate content for your needs. But still human intervention is needed to improve the quality of the generated content. AI technology is in a development stage. We need to wait to see what improvement will happen in the field of AI in future. 

For this Lifetime price Nichesss tool is worth investing. And also the founder of the Nichesss is continually adding new features to the program which is the positive sign. 

After releasing Nichesss Lifetime deal in Appsumo, a lot of AI copywriting Lifetime deals are released on the Appsumo platform. Compared to other copywriting tools Nichesss is the best and has unlimited usage credits. 

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