Microsoft reportedly in talks to buy Discord for over $10B

Microsoft is a blooming company and reaches every home through its Xbox console. Now, it is ready to buy the popular chat application company ‘Discord Inc’. The deal was not made in public but the talk is still on its way.  Still, the Microsoft company is ready to buy Discord Inc more than 10 Billion but the deal is not imminent.

Discord Platform

Discord has been kept higher in the lock-down period; the main advantage is that the users can talk to others while playing games in the background. The origin of the company is from San-Francisco had a preliminary deal with many suitors. In December, the worth of the company reaches $7 billion. This month starting, the company hired its chief financial officer, which may be for preparing the company for public offering.

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft is the largest tech company, has improved its business through deal-making with the gaming companies. Microsoft believes that to bring all the gaming products under one package called Xbox. We know that already Microsoft has been reached the total world through its operating system and now their focus is to create revenue by introducing many features under a single roof. So, the company plans to incorporate many features in Xbox.

After many deals, now they focusing to buy Discord Inc. Discord servers many features like chatting, virtual meeting, parties and gaming. Discord has more than 100 million active users for a month and reaches its huge height during the pandemic period. This company valued $7 billion of its worth.   

Microsoft Deals

History of dealing will tell us their view of deal-making. Many acquisitions made in past years and mainly on online communities like TikTok, LinkedIn and GitHub. From that, the successful deal was with Zenimax, a gaming development company. Last year, a talk happened between Microsoft and TikTok but the deal later fell.

Last September, Microsoft was successful in its dealing and bought Zenimax, a gaming company for $7.5 billion. The advantage is that Zenimax is the parental company of many gaming studios.

A professor from New York University, Joost van Dreunen who have made studies on video games. He stated that, If the deal has happened it would be a great success because Microsoft is ready in its infrastructure and if the deal OK then it just stitches all together as one.

If the deal gets success, then it brings the gaming application through the Xbox console to the people through mobile phones and laptops.

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