MarketMuse Review – AI Content Planning and Optimization Software

If you want to steadily stream the article, you can’t spend hours and hours of time researching that. MarketMuse helps to accelerate your content research, content strategy, content creation, content optimization process, and Natural language generation. It uses AI-powered content marketing and keyword planner to help you build content strategies, accelerate content creation and inform content decisions. 

MarketMuse is an AI-powered platform to build content strategy-find gaps in the research topic then accelerate the research and publication.

Content Strategy: The content planning can be done with the help of State-of-the-art clustering technology in MarketMuse. As it displays the well relevant pages related to the research topics within the topics of interest. These advanced personalized metrics help to create strategic planning for greater content assessment.

How Helpful MarketMuse is!

A Simple MarketMuse Review helps in explaining powerful workflows that help to create an entire content life cycle and land your content at the top of the Google search result. Others may take hours or days to research but you can just spend one minute on MarketMuse. With the help of MarketMuse, you can do better, faster and more.

MarketMuse Topic Modeling Technology helps to analyze the research topics and to identify the most relevant topics for your research. MarketMuse also helps to find the existing gaps and make up the necessary steps for publication. Relatively MarketMuse helps to create comprehensive content that makes you different from the other competitors.

MarketMuse helps to publish the topic easily by making sure that content is completely ready to satisfy the readers with comprehensive and different content.

MarketMuse Content score is really helpful to create content with good quality. The score gives you a quantitative measure of the content and how much it matches the user intent. 

MarketMuse Content Brief acts as a definite guide. It is really helpful to write comprehensive content on many topics.

 By using this feature you will know all the details like structure, subheadings, and important topics, frequently asked question and answer, and more. This guided feature helps you to create expert-level content. It even shows you the best pages to be linked internally and externally with the anchor text. It helps you to create well-equipped search engine content.

Overall, MarketMuse helps you to save your time. As it gives you everything that you need to create better and quality content in a better and faster way. So, you can publish your content more often with great quality within a few minute’s time. 

Therefore, you no need to afford your valuable time on business published content and you no need to spend day and night researching and writing a paper. Now you know about MarketMuse.

How MarketMuse Works

MarketMuse applications are well designed to fit up all the team members’ workflow.

Content Research: MarketMuse Machine Learning Technology helps to research the related topics in a minute otherwise you would require days and nights to research the topics. It has content inventory, topic analysis, competitive research, search user intent, and even more function is available in MarketMuse which helps the research done in the push of a button.

Content Creation: MarketMuse Brief helps the user with a guide and Key Performance Indicator (KPI)  As this system will analyze the entire content about the topics and uses an advanced topic modeling system to create a well-structured and better content assessment with a complete detailed outline. The reliable guidance helps the users with structure, headings, important topics to be covered, and more.

Content Optimization Planning: MarketMuse analyses the content you wrote and evaluates all the content is focused on the topic or not. Content score in the MarketMuse helps to account for the usage of the content in a proper way. So, you can check that the content you are writing is really a competitive piece on the web. Plus it has the target score to reach.

Natural Language Generation: Using the advanced technology in Artificial Intelligence(AI) MarketMuse creates prepared articles for the desired topics by the above content brief.  And tries to finish up the project to add up all the content metrics with very minimal editing.

Opportunity Score: It prioritizes the content and the effort based on the likelihood. As like SEO scores-opportunity scores help to create cluster-free content and strengthen the topics. And tends to align the content with the user intern. It highlights the poor quality content and thin content. Overall helps to deliver greater value than your competitors.

Plan and Pricing Details

MarketMuse pricing starts at $79.00 per month, per user. There is also a free version. But currently, MarketMuse does not offer a free trial. There are four more supporting plans available.

Optimize – Its most famous application that checks all of the content before publishing. This plan includes 25 queries/ month with multi-country support and Help Desk support.

MarketMuse Plus – It is $179/ month for one user and one domain- It includes three powerful content research applications and content metrics personalized based on the environment. Plan, research and organize all the content effort. It also consists of five credits, 50 queries/ month. It has inventories of up to 500 pages and adds unlimited topics to the stock. It also supports Multi-country and Helps Desk. 

MarketMuse’s property metrics personalize difficulty, page authority, topic authority, opportunity scores, seasonality, and much more. It has access to our Optimize, Research, Compete, and Questions Applications for fast topic research and writing.

MarketMuse Pro – It is $ 499/ month for up to three users and one domain/ month. It unlocks your competitive content potential with arsenal research, planning, and writing workflows. That includes 12 credits and 500 queries/ month with all the supporting features, like MarketMuse Plus.

MarketMuse Premium – starts at $1,499/ month with unlimited users and one or more domains/month. It has deployment features the full strength of MarketMuse across the entire team and domains. It includes 60 credits/year with unlimited queries with all the supporting feature from MarketMuse Pro

marketmuse pricing

 Appsumo Lifetime deal

Lifetime access to MarketMuse(Optimize/plus/pro plans) for just $69 one time payment. You must redeem your codes within 60 days of purchase. All future optimize plans will be updated. GDPR complaint is allowed but only for new MarketMuse users who do not have existing accounts. A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided.

MarketMuse Capability

All the useful added technology helps me to create competitive keywords and get on track in a short period of time. As we can see the gaps in the authority and are able to create strategies quickly too. It just makes my life so easier and saves me valuable time.

To write a high-quality article, it is really impossible to research the volume of content published on the internet. MarketMuse truly understands all our needs and helps to create my own content as per the need, search intent, and competitive content with the help of advanced AI technology. As it truly helped to create the best content.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What does MarketMuse do?

It briefs empower writers with reliable guidance. They do this by analyzing the entire content landscape around a topic. We can create a structured and detailed outline by using our advanced topic modeling systems.

2. Is MarketMuse Affordable?

Yes, the company recently launched a less expensive plan that is more attractive, if you have a small business or are an individual blogger.

3. When do customers analyze MarketMuse’s product?

MarketMuse allows customers to analyze the product or an article before they buy it.

4. What is the content score and how do I use it?

The content score is the personalized metrics that rank your pages based on the content available. Also, it answers the questions about which page and topics can I work on now. It takes all the pages and topics and runs that against all evaluation metrics. The page or topics with a high score means it has a better chance compared to all other items.

5. What is Answer Engine Optimization?

It is a subfield of Search Engine Optimization in which content marketers create content that provides direct answers to searcher’s questions.

Final Words

I personally recommend the MarketMuse because it provides better competitive research. MarketMuse delivers recommendations of data-driven insights. An AI-driven helps exactly what is required to produce expert-level content on the web. And I also observed this app quickly delivers the most relevant topics about what you exactly need to write. 

Using AI machine learning, MarketMuse identifies what is written and compares them to the corpus data. Then the user can very well determine what is needed to cover all the important topics in a better way. This helps to write the article in an expert manner.

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