Instagram Live Rooms Now allows four people to participate

Instagram is owned by top social media giant Facebook. Recently they rolling out a feature that allows more people to participate on Instagram Live rooms.

Previously Instagram has this feature but only one other person can participate in Live video calls or sessions.

They introduced this feature because the Clubhouse application recently launched on the iPhone app store gets thousands of installations within few days of launch. Because they offer group audio chats and people like to participate in audio chats.

By using these Instagrams new features content creators can earn badges for their creative work by monetizing them with the content viewers.

This voice and video app trend starting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the people shut their shops and work from home. This pandemic leads to increased use of Zoom and Clubhouse-like apps.

How to start Instagram Live Rooms?

To start using the Instagram Live feature, you need to update the latest version.

1. After login into your mobile app you need to tap + icon and swiping to right and you will see the option live.

2. And now start live by tap the camera icon.

3. Then you can see live coverage you can able to invite three guests by searching on Instagram.




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