How to use Meetfox for Online Meetings?

MeetFox software is a platform used to manage online meetings. Create Automatic scheduling with Google Calendar. The software offers features like Video calls within your browser, Screen sharing, Video recording, and more. Send invoices for meetings and get paid. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

How to use MeetFox?

To use Meetfox you need to sign up first. Log on to the website and click the sign-up icon. Type your email address and password and click Get Started Icon.

Tell Us about yourself window pops up where you need to give your details such as your name and phone number and click Next.

Payment page emerges which asks you whether you charge your customer or not. Choose the needed one as your wish and finally, you can upload your picture and complete the signup process.

Now the Meetfox is ready to use.

Creating Meetings:

To create a meeting click on the Services option from the right top of the window

How to use Meetfox

You can add many services as you want. You configure a meeting by adding color, name of the meeting, and duration in the drop-down list. You can create group online meetings or Face to face meeting as per your wish. You can also set break timings in between meetings if necessary

You can click the Availability icon from the dropdown box and schedule your availability every day.

Schedule meeting on Meetfox

The next option is Calendar where you can add your personal calendar such as Google calendar or Microsoft calendar along with Metafox. Because of this, your schedule can be easily programmed without any clash. If you are not available for certain days, you can clearly mention it in the calendars such that it will be viewed by your clients.

The next option is the Payment option where you can select in what method the clients can pay to you.

The final option is Add to a website where you can create your meeting link by which you can invite your clients by sharing on social platforms. You don’t need any software downloads and you just need to click the link.

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