How Does a VPN Work? – complete view on Encryption

VPN- Virtual Private Network creates a tunnel to make encrypted connections between your device and the wider internet and this encryption avoids tracking, shoplifting your data, interception, eavesdropping on your browsing information, etc., It masks your browsing information, IP address to the Websites. It also benefits users with anonymity. The encrypted tunnels are constructed using protocols. this article helps you with how does a VPN work, how this happens, and so on.

The additional benefit of using a VPN is it hides your location which can be possible by concealing your IP address. So, when they access your location, they tend to get the address of the VPN server which you are connected to and not your originals.

How does this happen?

Let me illustrate you with an example and you can get detailed information on what is Encryption.

Consider a situation in which you want to submit a file to your office but you are stuck in a situation that you couldn’t move to the office to submit the file. Then thought of an idea and you are taking your car to move to your friend’s house to provide the file to him. Then he will be responsible to submit the file on behalf of you.

Here, the car acts as a tunnel and the office here is the website, and your friend will be the VPN server. So the information is completely encrypted and secured that no one could not be able to find that your friend has submitted your file and not you. So the office which acts as a website could think that it’s your friend file and not yours. So your information is completely safe and secured.

A VPN is capable of creating a tunnel starting from the point from your device to the internet and masks all your information and makes completely untraceable. This process of concealing is known as encryption.

How does a VPN work?

VPN Encryption happens in such a way that it hides information and couldn’t be able to read by anyone that is it couldn’t be decrypted without a strong key. This key (password) would be known or accessible by two things which are your device and the VPN server. So the information could be decrypted by only two things your device and the VPN server by applying the code.

An example of this working is the ATM machine, the passwords are known only to the customer and the machine. This is completely encrypted. When you browse the internet, the information could be accessed by typing the question in the browser search box and this moves on to your intermediary server called VPN and the answer could be accessed from the original server by VPN. So the VPN access the information from the website on behalf of you. So the information and IP address remains completely secured.

There are many types of protocols based on security levels. It may be chosen based on your requirements.

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