How Can I Know What others are Doing on my Network? – Amazing strategy for safe spying on Networks

Monitoring all the internet traffic that moves in and out of your network helps to prevent anthropological manners. The home network keeps away the process of clearing the browsing history or utilizing the incognito mode to untrack the information. if you tend to protect your child or your loved ones from unwanted activities, this article guides you with how could you keep spying on networks?

A great and unique plan has been exposed for safe spying on Networks without the knowledge of beings to discard threats behind cell phones. Anything to be useful is never late when connecting devices to the home network make parents or any institutions to keep track of their personal information, which lies behind the login. There is numerous information left behind, which is in the form of unencrypted files that can record as a log. The monitoring may also ensure the devices, when connected to the network, lies under the following permission. To track and remove unauthorized devices from slurping your data.

How Can I Know What others are Doing on my Network?

The feature to keep an eye on devices connecting to your network. Before jumping into the long explanations, you should know some of the basics,

  1. What is a MAC address?
  2. How can you know about your network?
  3. How does the Router work?
  4. Does anyone need both a Router and a modem? Etc.,

Spying on networks!

With grasping the complete knowledge regarding the basics of Router and Network, the following process would be easy for you. This entire aspect may help your loved ones to keep away from threats and unnecessary activities. I always recommend you to use it for your good and not for evil manners.

The following are how one could trap their Router for checking the internet activities. There may be both sides of using these techniques. Use these techniques legally for your personalized activities.

The information is in the form of packets. Air is the medium of transmission of these packets. Every host can be able to grasp the items under their network, which are carried by picking the right tool for monitoring the activities. Every tool that helps to control follows the same aspect to uncover the data.

1. zANTI- Check for Androids

zANTI is a user-friendly tool designed for spying on networks on Android-based platforms. If you require checking Wi-Fi history or keeping track of the user’s information on your system, then this might be the best tool with compatible experience. Besides, there is no necessity for supplemental network gear, which could probably be used to trap the information of users on your network. Because to ease the work, the Android network card is gaining the feature to do this job.

zanti android app

The main thing you have to do is run your application on your device after installing it. The app could ingress into the network, delivering you the details of users connected to it. You can select the desired device from the list of devices available on your web. After selecting, commence the attack named ‘man in the middle.’

It could capture the complete information regarding both protocols named HTTP and HTTPS and deliver it to you. HTTP results can be obtained quickly, and if you want to go with the traffic of HTTPS, turn on the SSL strip to display the information. By turning on this strip, you can avoid opening sites in a more protected environment.


Setting up is comfortable and compatible. Able to see activities in real-time. Additional gear to catch-up with data is not necessary. Can ingress into the less protected sites to collect username and passwords


Available only on the Android platform. Doesn’t able to process every time resulting in less reliable nature

2. OpenDNS

The method of setting up is secure and offers simple steps to proceed with the following. When you start browsing the internet, it moves to the Router then to the DNS to access the IP address of the particular domain which you have requested. So a simple change is made to collect the information of the device from your network, which you required. Change the default settings of the internet service provider to OpenDNS; then, you will be able to monitor and change the settings via an OpenDNS control panel. Additionally, you can also remove some uncomfortable sites.


The setup process involves three steps.

  • Configure your Router to work with OpenDNS servers IP.
  • Create an account on the website OpenDNS, which is free, and then log in. Link your Router to this account.
  • OpenDNS dashboard displays each activity carried out using your network.


Restriction of sites is possible. Setting up is a quick process and is suitable for all platforms


Unable to see real-time traffic and is delayed for a day. Unable to identify which traffic is accessed by which device

3. WireShark

The most popular tool is designed for Windows, Linux, and macOS to keep spying on networks. It can display the activity logs in real-time. But it is challenging to set up and launch for a non-technical person.

Once you commence the WireShark application, it displays the IP address of the devices which are using your network and chooses the desired method and then launches it captures every packet of data that is moving in and out of the particular device.

WireShark - spying on networks

Click on the options which are available on the start screen and Turn on promiscuous mode and change the setting for HTTP requests.


An excellent capturing tool which can be spying on a network and particularly in need of network authorizers and business persons


Wi-Fi adapter costs and is necessary for utilizing this tool in promiscuous mode. Wi-Fi adapter is to unlock packet capturing since some hardware manufacturers restrict packet capturing because of misuse.

Despite legitimately utilizing these tools, some tend to use it illegally to keep track of other information. High-security devices like VPN or Tor can neglect the tracking process. If you concern more about insecurity or unanonymity, Use this strategy to bring up the right kinds of stuff and not for the bad!

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