Google Open up Fitbit Device for advertisement Purpose

The customer survey reported that Google might open up Fitbit data for advertisement. Google has already announced that Fitbit has completed its acquisition and will be joining the hardware division of their company. Google promised that they would not give away any user’s information and their data for advertisements.

According to Android Central

As per the report, Google said that they shared only the devices, not the user’s data. And also, Google promised that they would not use Fitbit data for any other purpose. They have various plans to make money rather than giving their data to the advertisements.

According to Fitbit

As per the Fitbit report recently, they have revealed their plan for expanding their Fitbit health service. The premium users can view their detailed statistical report of their workout compared to the free users. Therefore, premium customers have more advantages than free users by adding their personalized plans to their programs. The expansion of this health service brings out many changes to the current system.

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