Google meet to Bust out on its stream- Introducing Custom Backgrounds, Hand Raising, Polling, and more Features.

Google meet, the video conferencing app on its execution-  custom backgrounds, hand raising, polling, and more features.

Google meets the most used collaborating tool used to meet online and is based on the web. Most users prefer this tool because of its reliable and on-time process attributes. The additional slew of features makes this app completely a candid one among the rivals. It has risen with a feature of adding customized backgrounds, hand raising, polling, and more.

Here’s the brief description of arrivals,

  • Google meet’s executing to raise its view from 16 people to a limit of 49 people at once.
  • Users can be capable of changing their backgrounds or can blur the background according to the user’s convenience.
  • Google also came up with a manifold of features including hand rising, meeting attendance, Q&A sessions, and more.

Google meet is now have arisen with a feature owing to the user needs in this disgusting pandemic situation. People from various countries have a single intermediate which is connecting online. It also enhances the country’s growth and economy by helping the users make and gain kinds of stuff from the online meet.

“Users will soon be able to view up to 49 participants at once on their screen, up from the current limit of 16 participants”, said Google.

Google meet will also allow users to personalize their backgrounds according to their wishes. They have options left, one they can blur their background to get a concentric view, or else they can change their backgrounds from the list.

Add on attributes of Google meet

  • Hand raising– the participants are being capable to raise their hands if they have a question or have something for the queries or to say something.
  • Meeting attendance– this feature lets the host examine and have control over each and every participant whether they are attending or not.
  • Breakout rooms– this feature helps in reproducing the office atmosphere, where every large group is able to split into a smaller one and work parallelly for some occasion and can be reframed after the talk over has been completed.
  • Q&A sessions– the participant can have their full comfortability of clearing their doubts that is asking questions are permitted without any disruption to the discussion.
  • Polls– the participants can have a real-time polling session where they can recommend their suggestions and ask queries.
  • Monitoring controlsGoogle rises with a plan of providing a virtue to the hosts, where the hosts are being capable of detecting authority over mute, present, or performing actions.

Various students and office personnel have also been utilizing this more during a pandemic situation. Google provides free service of lending Google meet video calling free without any subscription packs to overcome its rivals. It’s been rolling out now by letting users view up to 49 participants on screen. The current limit is considered to be 16.

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