Google Announced Parking Pay Through Google Map

Smart Life Announcement

Google announced more than 400 cities in the US to pay for parking through Google Maps. Indeed it is an excellent choice to lead an intelligent life. Soon after, Google also planned to purchase more than 80 transit lines worldwide without coming out from the Google Map app.

Prompts and Uses

Google made a contract with Passport operating system launched in Austin a few years before and ParkMobile to pay for their parking when you arrived at the destination by developing a parking feature on the app. If the customer’s goal is in Google, the pay for parking will get enabled to tap on the “Pay for Parking.” And then, the user can enter the parking number and should confirm their color of the vehicle. The user can also add the time duration for using the spot, and the user can also extend their time based on their requirement in the app by tapping on the option.

Supporting Phone

Android has all rights to access this feature also Google said iPhone could also use this feature in the upcoming days. Google also said the transit pass would also be available soon in the app for customers. 

How it Works?

The user needs to set up a Google Pay account linked to a credit or debit card. The driver can then choose their option depending on their meter number and can complete the payment through Google Pay. 

The customer can get their digital clipper directly from their app, and they can use it when needed by just tapping on the option on the reader.

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