Frase Review 2021 – AI Powered Content Marketing Tool

Writing an article is a tiresome job. As I have to research a lot of topics day and night -writing content and dragging down the structure and publishing it really takes plenty of time to finish it. Moreover, I have to write more articles to get top rank. One day I came to know about Frase which is an AI powered tool to help my writing. To my surprise it really saved my time. The Frase Review is a simple analysis which may help everyone to understand the ability and use of this tool. 

Frase helps me to generate content briefs as per the keyword what we choose. Frase is a content marketing tool that helps the user to write an article by scraping the top 20 websites in the Google search. Frase uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing(NLP)  to generate a content brief automatically. 

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Frase Review –  How Frase Works?

Frase helps in writing an article by delivering important terms that our competitors are using. If you start writing an article Frase helps to generate the content brief by scrapping the top 20 websites from the Google search results. If you want to rephrase the existing content- Frase helps in optimizing the existing content with the most important terms – identifying the topic gaps and the missing terms in the content. 

Frase is really helpful for Marketing agencies, content writers, content Strategists, SEO, Government and so on. Frase helped me to identify the best topics for writing content by just looking into my targeted keywords. And then scans my existing content and benchmarks it against my competitors to identify topic gaps and missing terms. Finally it generates the summary of my content. 

Frase helped me to create better content in a faster way. As this helps to get into my topics deeper to improve my rank among competitors. The Frase Review helps me understand many innovative things and experiences of the tool usage. 

Frase tool identifies the question what is needed in the market and allows to create detailed content briefs with SEO friendly content.

How to use Frase?

Frase is used as a content planning tool. AI helps to pull the data from the top searching content on the search term. Based on the search- Frase tells you about the topic relevant to the keyboard and also tells you about the subtopics needed for your content. There are very few features in the Frase marketing tool. 

Choosing of Topics

The Frase helps to generate topics in a few ways.

Question Ideas: you can search keywords here and Frase will show you a list of questions related to the keyword. This helps to choose a topic what the customer really looks for. From there you can start writing content just by a click..

Concept Map

This concept map extracts the topics from Wikipedia and connects topics. This also provides the summary of the related article from Wikipedia. This would be really helpful when I run out of ideas. And I recommend the Frase tool for keyword search.


In documents there is an option called content editor for generation content briefs. By using a content editor you can easily add, remove or edit the content based on the topics. Frase provides us the complete analysis about the topics that are covered by the competitors. Also it provides the summary of the topics with the frequently asked questions in their article.

In the content editor- it includes some more tabs like Statistic- where you can check average word count, links and sections. News tab- it provides the news related to the search keyword. Link tab- External linking.

Frase provides a list of search intent unlike information, navigation, commercial and transaction. They are formatted in the following ways :Long- form, listicle, products, news, local, visual videos. Compared to other SEOs Frase is actually doing better. It actually breaks down the search intent in their own different way. This helps in formatting the better content. 

This intentionally increases our rank on the Google search page.

The recreation is practically easy with Frase. As the research features help to research and create a content brief even better.

Content Optimization

The existing content can be optimized with the help of the Frase. Frase provides you with content optimization analyses where you extract the common or mostly used keyword from the competitor’s article. And also it helps to find how many times it has been used. By following this simple way you can definitely enter into Google’s first page and beat your competitors.

Topic score helps to increase the quality of the content better. Steps to be followed to increase the Topic score. Click on the keyword in the Topics tab you will get a display like SERP Mentions, Co-Occurrences, and Related Topics to optimise your content. This will give a clear view how the keyword is supposed to be used. It is one of the most powerful features to improve your content score.

FAQ Schema

This feature helps you to identify questions on the website.

Answer Engine

It is the chatbot that uses the content to answer the question raised by the visitors. This also has to be installed because it is a user friendly interface. It has many supporting features that are very useful to follow up the sales and services.


HubSpot Integration- helps you to send the collected information from the answer engine to HubSpot.

Google Search Console integration – It lets you access the data from any site and it has no limits.

Pricing and Plans

Frase pricing starts from $39.33/ month. It is the basic plan. It allows maximum 1 user and can add 30 documents / month.

Second is Growth Plan – It starts from $ 99.99/ month. It allows 3 users and can add unlimited documents. You can also add an extra person by paying $ 15/ user.

Third is Answer Engine Plan – It starts from $ 199.99/ month. It allows 3 users and can add unlimited documents. You can also add an extra person by paying $ 15/ user. In this plan Answer Engine is available. It allows 500 answers/ month and you can definitely add up extra by paying $ 50 per answer.

They do not offer any free version but they do provide free trials.

frase pricing

Frase Pros and Cons 


It is an excellent user interface and saves you a lot of time with the best SEO optimisation features. It really helps the marketing user to create a better content writing.


Sometimes it ends up in bugs. And not 100% accurate in search. When I start writing a Frase review they only display single keywords not a Long tail keyword. Hope they will display long tail keywords in near future. 

Final Words

It is the new tool in the market that helps the customer to improve the quality of their writing. It is AI powered tools that help to identify the questions asked in the online related to the keyword. And optimize the content capable of answering those questions.

General Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I train My Own Answers?

Yes, Frase allows anyone to train and customize their own answers.

2. Can I Export the Frase Analytics Data?

 Yes, we can Export the Frase Analytics Data.

3. Does it Integrate with Live Chat?

Frase answers are integrated with certain live chat like  Drift, Fresh Chat, Zen Desk etc.

4. Does Frase Integrate with CRM?

Yes, Farce currently integrated with Hubspot CRM for collecting information. 

5. How long will it take to set up the tool?

It may take a few minutes or a few hours depending on everyone’s website size.

I hope this tool will help everyone to their content writing in an effective way. So, by learning this tool, anyone can do an article with better content planning through the analysis of best keywords.

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