Fitbit Planning to Release Cheaper Subscription Sooner

Fitbit planned to test a new and cheaper subscription model for premium customers. The premium subscription member already knows about these offers in detail. The service offers full health metrics with training plans, decoded data, sleep stats, and more. The Fitbit planned to deliver a little cheaper plan to their user. However, the company has already sent an email to their premium customers with this survey. 

Detailed Price Report 

Fitbit Premium subscription costs $9.99. The company tested the third-tier subscription for a price range of $2.22 per month with the added historical added. And Fitbit planned to offer a free plan for users that lasts only for 30 days.

Recently Google completed the acquisition of Fitbit under terms and deals as they cannot use user’s data for the ad. But this added third-tier subscription would add on new subscriptions and increase their sales.

According to the survey, the customers ask service tier for just $2.99 per month, which is half less than the premium subscription price.

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