Encharge Review & Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Features and Pricing Details

If you are a businessman, you would come across a word called ‘Email Marketing’ or even an individual who also realized about email marketing through their emails. Nowadays, all companies are applying the email marketing strategy to stay connected with their customers. Email marketing is a way to reach customers through their mail unless they subscribe to a particular website. Mainly, email marketing would apply by B2B, e-commerce companies. In this Encharge review, we will see more about the tool in detail. 

Encharge web app got released a week ago creating an impact on the email marketing field with its features. People are eager in accessing many websites to purchase and also companies should focus on their customers individually. Manually, it is impossible, and going with automation is the best way.

In this Automated email marketing strategy, we have a newcomer ‘Encharge’ have many features and segment the users based on their behavior. It will be the best alternative to the applications like ActiveCampaign and AutopilotHQ because the ‘Encharge’ uses drag and drop flow builder plus hold interactions with HubSpot, Typeforms, etc.

From the companies like a start-up to huge organizations already gone up with some SaaS tools which would help them in email marketing. Expanding your marketing area would be the best option to sell your good products soon. In this case, the ‘Encharge’ will do the job effectively in email marketing.

This article gives you the overall functionality of the ‘Encharge’ by explaining how it manages customer data from your website and sends automated emails. Also, gives the solution to design the visual flow builder to implement the email marketing.

Encharge is a new app that was recently featured on Appsumo which helps you automate your email and build workflow on Encharge dashboard. Appsumo is a software Lifetime deal marketplace, now you can buy Encharge Lifetime from Appsumo for $59/code. You can stack up to 5 codes.

Our Encharge Review

Encharge focuses mainly on the SaaS and B2B companies which helps them in reaching their customers. Encharge makes a connection with the customer based on their activities over a company website. It allows the companies to create their flow as they wish to reach their customer and the application gives many features to create the flow. Some leading companies like Aito, Landbot, Samdock have already tied up with Encharge. Those companies express that Encharge reduces an hour to minute work in reaching their customers. Encharge is capable of adapting to the companies like SaaS, Content writers, Agencies, Subscription businesses. 


Initially, like most of the platforms available, you need to sign up with the Encharge to move forward. On the welcome page, you find a tutorial video, this would help what you need. Most of the platforms will not have the video file expressing themselves on the welcome page. 

Encharge video tutorial

Welcome Screen

In your next step, you need to import your contacts from your site. But, in this case, the platform permitted only handsome applications to their clients. The contacts are imported only from the following applications. They are Slack, Stripe, Zapier, Typeform, HubSpot, etc. The Zapier application is the one to import contacts from other applications other than native.

Once you got connected with your contacts, now the application is ready for creating your flow or also welcomed with flow templates. 

Encharge flow templates

Available Templates

The image above shows you categories of templates available in the platform which would help us in developing flow. You can pick any one of the templates available and create for reactivating the inactive users, newsletter open rate boost, educational emails, annual subscription, etc. These templates would be useful to the organizations that perform subscription bases businesses or agencies. 

All the templates available in the platform contain a short tutorial to help us any time you could redevelop the actual flow from the template. The flow builder is available in the visual canvas which would help in implementing the flow very easily. 

encharge flow builder

Flow development

You can experience the segmentation process in this Encharge where you can segment your contacts based on their activity over your website. Because the users may just visit or subscribe or unsubscribe or anything. So, the Encharge would give you the focus on the users and divide them into different segments. Unless knowing about the segment you can’t create the flow for email marketing.

encharge Flow development

Segmented user contacts

The entire user activities could be mapped by using the flow builder process available in the platform. Here you can design the needed flow as per your wish, just by drag and drop builders. More than 50 native integrations available in the platform to build a needed flow builder. If you moving from scratch then you should know what triggers, actions and filters are. So, now we come to the end, I think it would help you more in building flow for the segmented users. 


  • Allows you to see the full view of user details behind the actions made on the website.
  • You can track the page visits and form submission on your page.
  • Gives email engagement with A/B tests
  • Broadcast your newsletter to all or selected users.
  • Segment your contacts based on the user actions made on the website. 


The human mentality will search for products at a lower cost with higher features. I think Encharge would have the ability in reaching many of the organizations. Because the cost will be quoted mainly based on the subscriber’s count of a website. There are two plans growth and premium, both have their features. My opinion is to go with an annual premium which gives a 20% offer. 

encharge pricing


You may experience many emails from many companies which will be from any one of the email marketing tools available in the market. Encharge is one among them but holds excellent marketing automation tools. The visual flow builder is excellent in its response and surprising. On the whole onboard tutorial video would help you in applying your thoughts easily. Overall, the Encharge stands strong in its unique features. 

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