Cybercrimes in the UAE- Data leaks, Hacking and Phishing

Data is the worthiest of all, in this current society. This leads to exacerbating cybercrimes in the UAE Sensex level, all indeed not only to access your personal information to seek money but also for political issues and much more. Cybercriminals may be of the group under a particular organization or an individual with high technical knowledge. Invasion of privacy, phishing, Cyberstalking, identity theft scams, hacking are manipulating furthermore due to the elevated extent of digital sectors.

The year 2017 is considered to be the deadliest in the genre of crimes in UAE. The issue tends to cause a significant impact worldwide with the ingress of Wannacry ransomware. The attack made everything into a reversal. Government administrations, Hospitals, Businesses, and much more hold to close down for days, and 1.3 billion worth of wealth was lost by the consumers alone, excluding organizational losses.

After back to regular several executives and professionals from government administration put forth specific laws that deal with any types of Cybercrimes in the UAE. The impacts made government and IT department to strengthen the Cybersecurity and adoption of best practices to enhance privacy and security. This article will clearly define you with the implemented laws and rules in the UAE, which promotes Cybersecurity.

1. Data Leaks

Data leaks tend to be the sequel of either phishing or hacking. Individuals or organizations that confront data leaks should be aware of the laws and practices which could help them against contravention. They should consider the ways of reporting the violation to the authorities. In the UAE, DIFC and ADGM are free zones containing specific laws for data security. And there are no such federal laws for the places other than these two. But there are quite other laws instead including

  • The UAE Penal code

There arise numerous laws relating to libel and seclusion offenses or violations. As per Article 378 of the penal code, the law states that Unauthorized disclosure of private data is a crime. In particular, the law restricts access to the private matter of other persons via anyways, including recording, capturing, or revealing issues related to personal lives and is reported as a crime even when the material is already disclosed in public and real.

  • The UAE cybercrime law

According to Article 21 of the UAE Cybercrime law, the same as per the above is stated in this article, too, in regards to enhancing protection.

  • Additional laws

There are also other laws for promoting security, such as Article 379 of the UAE penal code.

2. Phishing

Cybercrimes in the UAE – The cybercriminal requested the company’s employee on an official letterhead, which is situated in the UAE to issue bank details by changing his mail to a professional organization mail. Then he gave his account details to the customer to collect payments.

Phishing is an offense, as stated under Article 11 of the UAE Cybercrime law. The law would fine a penalty against the criminal depending on the fraudulent techniques. The law restricts the use of impersonation or any fraudulent methods via electronic source to acquire money, statements, documents, signature, movable assets, or benefits and is reported as a crime.

As per Article 12 of the UAE Cybercrime Law, it is a crime to obtain payment information or any private details via electronic sources.

Not only the UAE cybercrime law but also E-commerce law includes a penalty for committing an offense, or any crime using electronic means as a medium.

The cybercriminal is at least imprisoned for one year and may be given a penalty up to 1 million dirhams for committing a crime via electronic source.

3. Hacking

Cybercrimes in the UAE – Cybercriminal hacked the bank, which is incorporated in the UAE. It intimidated to reveal the bank details, consumer’s private data, other bank details, and every statement online in return for a ransom.

According to the Article 2 to 5 of the UAE Cybercrime Law, when a person ingresses into a digital site, or any of the information network, system, or technology tool without any prior permission or consent and stays in it, then as per this law, the administration penalizes him/her up to 300,000 dirhams. If the hacking is extended to vanish, damage or repair, amend data for personal or political reasons via an electric source, the penalty rises to 750,000 dirhams and more including imprisonment for at least six months.

If this type of hacking is done related to government or any other public sources, then the penalty elevates to higher.

Practises and recovery for Cybercrimes in the UAE

As the level of electronic medium usage raises, so do the impacts and risks of Cybercrimes, the only way to neutralize or drop the crimes is to enhance security. A magnificent gate of protection should be built for the employees, organization, and consumer wellness.

1. Make Cybersecurity as your primary concern marking a committee level.

The authority should develop a warning technique for every consumer or organization to the misappropriate happenings immediately. Besides, it is not only a technical level issue but also included with severe consequences. A specialized tool to declare that if money is deducted, notify the source and unsubscribe it as to provide security. There should be an option to have a security application to secure the leads. Every level of digitalization should be designed with high-level security as a top priority.

2. Label the techniques and Cybercriminals

Ensure that the precious data is transferred to the other person or any organization that is already checked for cyber protection.

3. Create a feedback scheme

A plan is created for the wellness of organizations which is integrated with legal, IT, HR teams, and business leaders. The technique incorporates a test and review for any types of cyberattacks, which is held hour by hour.

4. Notifications for safety

To reduce the risk, always have a notification feature that might help you with data loss. In this situation, you might need a legal advisor to help you with the best solution. And also, preliminary information to the consumers is best about the case that requires additional care and management.

5. M&A due diligence

In case of acquiring any trade or commerce, the foremost priority should be given to the security. Find out whether the company has become prey to any of the cyber-attacks or having week protection against guards.

Furthermore, news laws are being developed for social wellbeing. How severe the punishments are strong enough, there paves the way for a fraudulent free nation. It is always notable that Cybersecurity is nothing without your persistence of being in a protected environment.

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