Cyber Attackers are Coming Behind Apple’s Mac M1 Processor


Cyber attackers usually target Windows as an easy target, but in recent years attackers are coming behind Apple.  Apple’s M1 Processor in Mac is becoming a target for hackers. Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle reported that he has recently found a malicious app that was created, especially for the M1 chip processor.

Detailed Explanation About the Malware

In a blog post, the researcher Patrick Wardle wrote that the Malware is apparently an extension of “GoSearch22” with extra harmful functions and was designed originally for Intel x86 processors. Wardle also said that this would collect all the user data and flood the screen with relevant ads. 

Is New Mac Run could Run Intel x86 Chip App

Yes, the new Mac M1 Processor runs apps designed for Intel x86 through emulation. The Malware attacker made sure that this malicious creation is compatible with the new latest Apple processor.

As come to note that GoSearch22 signed their contract with an Apple Developer last November, and their certification got revoked back then. And Wardle also confirmed that it is relatively early to detect this risk from Malware, and it is completely put on observation to move. Therefore, there is no use for an Antivirus scanner and any other defensive tools. Not all Antivirus software is beneficial to root out malware attacks for MI- processors.

Wardle also said that the malware authors are just trying to evolve their adoption to keep up with the latest Apple M1 processor. However, this is the first time seeing these kinds of activities in Mac history.

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