Clubhouse Popularity Rises as it Crosses 10 Million Downloads

With the data available in Sensor Tower suggestions – the Clubhouse is set to reach more than 10 million downloads in less than a year. The Clubhouse launched in March 2020, and it invites only an iOS exclusive- social app -app based on audio- grown significantly with the added new members like Mark Zuckerberg- CEO of Facebook now comes in the show. 

Competitors of this App

It is an invite-only social app, so it is not even available on Android. No one can log in directly like Twitter or Facebook. The existing person has to invite or nominate the person to join their conversation on the app. This conversation happens only through audio because it is an audio-based app. Soon after, the app might face many competitors because of the massive response from the users. Twitter and Facebook already started to work on this process. 

As per the estimation, the Clubhouse launched in march 2020- reached 3.5 million downloads on Feb 1, 2021, and 10 million downloads on Feb 19. Facebook CEO personally helped the app’s popularity and has become popular among celebrities.

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