Clubhouse Announced creator accelerator program and introduced new features in the platform

It’s official! Clubhouse creating a content accelerator program to help creators on the platform to get better at what they do. The program will be a mix of online activities to help content creators improve their skills, while also gaining access to other creators and Clubhouse staff to learn from them. 

On March 13th, 2021, Paul Davison, CEO of The Clubhouse, introduced the Clubhouse Creator First program at the weekly town hall meeting. 

Today, Clubhouse, the voice-based social network that has redefined the way people connect with each other on mobile devices, has announced that it celebrates its first anniversary on March 17th. In its first year of operation, Clubhouse has become the fastest-growing audio only mobile social network in history, with over 10 million active members from all over the world connecting with each other on a daily basis and it continues to be invite-only. 

Clubhouse announced that they will be accepting 20 creators onto their accelerator program, and that applications are open until March 31st, 2021. The Clubhouse Accelerator Program is designed to help the growth of Clubhouse platform and will they monetize their audience.  

Upon completion of the program, creators will be awarded $5000 monthly as well as access to press specialists, assistants, and mentors, all of which are geared towards helping creators grow their social media platforms. 

On the website of clubhouse, the company has announced a change in the privacy policy of the app. Since the  introduction of its new chat app, the terms of service for the Clubhouse app has been updated to reflect that  users  will not have to allow access to their contact list for sending Clubhouse invitations. This is a change from previously, when users had to allow access to their contact list to send Clubhouse invitations. 

Now you can invite your friends or family members by typing your mobile number directly on the Clubhouse app. 

Clubhouse has introduced new features. This suggests that the app is getting a major update. 

Clubhouse has introduced new features that are sure to please users, nominating users from clubs, language filtering, support for sharing links to your profile or club. 

The app is available for iPhone and not available on Android devices. So, if you like to audio chat with your friends and meet new people, download and install the Clubhouse app.

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