ClaySQL Review – Run Queries Directly in Google Sheets

As a data analyst or just a software tester or any IT profession, you would have come across the name database from where you should retrieve or insert or view the data. Data plays a vital role in all aspects like water in our world. You know that, without the data, the entire world will be crude. Even an animal would behave or act based on the data collected and stored in its memory. So, every time the data collected will be inserted using a reference or unique identification and it might be referred at any time or the situation reaches. 

The future would depend on the Internet of Things (IoT) where it should collect much information and it should be stored in the server, retrieved and processed on time. In the IT field, the stored information is processed by using the script called SQL through this every single piece of information will be traveled in and out of the database. 

Here, it looks like a small try to reduce the difficulties in moving between various applications to get the result in different formats. For example, most of the applications used for executing the SQL will give expected results in their own output area which will look odd in seeing the large information in a small output area. 

What is ClaySQL?

ClaySQL provides users to do all their database activities from Google sheets alone. When ClaySQL joins it with Google sheet brings huge advantage for the beginners who work in the backend process. ClaySQL focuses on the data analytics profession because the google sheet is well protected and has many additional features which would help data analytics professionals to create a graph and can do much more things directly.

How does it work?


The ClaySQL is not available as an individual software package but as a chrome extension. It can be used only in the chrome browser initially. (Refer Image 1)

ClaySQL chrome extension

Once the installation is succeeded then the icon for the ClaySQL will appear at the right bottom of the Google sheet from where you can connect with the database. The main advantage of using the extension is that it can be easily enabled and disabled as per our needs.

Database connection

In order to connect the Clay with the database, you should have a database with the IP address configured. Once the connection is successful, then the ClaySQL will be ready for execution. You can also connect with multiple databases as per your choice and each database will be identified using the nickname provided during the connection. (Refer Image 2)   

claysql  Database connection


From the connected SQL database, the result of the SQL query is displayed in the Google sheet. There will be a separate SQL editor to write the script and run it. In addition to that, you can mention the cell name and sheet number/name from where the result should be displayed. (Refer to Image 3).

claysql Execution

Importance of Google Sheet

The ClaySQL came upon with wonderful features by giving way to a data analyzer to analyze the data directly in the Google sheet. This would help the analyzers to avoid moving between the various tools like Excel, SQL editor, CSV downloads, etc. The clay editor will place the result in the Google sheet, then it is possible to have financial models, charts, etc.

Advantages of Clay

All in one place

This is the first and most important advantage in using the ClaySQL because many of the data analysts would move many windows to execute the simple Query. Now the Clay brings it all in one place where the data analyzer could connect with the database, execute the query and analyze the result using the Google sheet features.

Along your side

You can use the ClaySQL pop-ups along your side of the sheet and access them when you need them. It will fold when it is not needed. Easily accessible and always ready for use. Avoids connecting the server each time because once connected, ever connected.

Enhanced Security

ClaySQL uses SSH/TLS connection between SQL server and Google sheet. Clay assures that Google sheet will not have the possibility to access the database in connection. 


The information and result generated through ClaySQL will be stored only in the local machine alone and not in the clay server. Also, the clay assures that it won’t read the queries, query results, data on the sheet. Let’s wait and watch. 


As this is the new tool, still there is no clear information about the cost. I hope, it would be less and it would help in reaching many developers soon. 

Final Thought 

ClaySQL is a good tool that comes attached with Google chrome and it will be an advantage. Still, the product should be introduced in many other web browsers along with many other features. As a starting point, the product looks great and functionality is well organized. Looks unique in its features and it should be implemented to offline MS Excel too.

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