Chinese Gamers were instructed to undergo an Authentication of declaring their real names by September

Chinese administration put an end to the gamer’s informal declaration of their names to ensure that they are not spending much time. This regulation makes Chinese gamers to have facial recognition scans. China is the country where gaming is launched after several inspections and review from the government’s regulatory board. It prohibits the games and game streamers which doesn’t come under the rules as stated by Administration. Despite those barriers, china stands prominent in the field of gaming which contributes one third to the global revenue.

The anonymity era on the gaming site, brought to an end by the official Feng Shixin, at China joy which is considered to be china’s biggest gaming expo. The Feng Shixin, an official from the Chinese communist party (CCP) made the declaration and also intensified that the administration would squash every unauthorized gaming website and games as Apple cleared out the irrelevant applications from apple’s iOS application store.

Daniel Ahmad reported “An update to an existing system at the national level to ensure all video game companies are with the new system.”

The same strategy was introduced long back to Chinese gamers by Niko Partners in 2007 and the implementation commences in September. There were no further details regarding the mechanisms on working principle but certain Chinese firms including the honor of kings (aka Arena of Valor) and NetEase have been already running their real name authentication systems.

The anonymity and privacy online have halted and there will no more addiction to games. As per the state administration on press and publication rules, the Chinese gamers under the age of 18 have their limitations of ninety minutes on gaming per weekday and three hours on weekends.

As before, the same type of “think of the children” regarding encryption and porn age verification battle limitation was brought up in two countries including the UK and France but ended up being failed. But this was a great initiative with not only screen time limitation but also authentication of real names.

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