Burner Mail Review: How Does it work?

Disposable email address services have been around for quite a while now. It is a perfect way to keep your privacy intact. You won’t have to put out your actual email id to the internet, in case you feel abused on a particular email address, you can just easily cut it out. It is a plug-in for Firefox and Chrome which handles the generation of burner email addresses for you. It also does the work of suspending and deleting the burner emails that might have been sold to a spam-monger. It technically does everything it says that it does, so that’s a good sign. Know a few more stuff about Burner mail in this Burner Mail review. 

How does Burner Mail work?  

Burner emails are a really amazing source for remaining private and still doing your job. Now, you may ask how burner emails protect my privacy, well here’s the answer. Burner mail gives you a temporary email address which you can use to forward all the incoming emails to your actual email id. 

All of the emails that you receive through burner mail will not be saved. If you don’t wanna receive emails from a specific burner email again, you can simply turn that off. If you want to receive emails for the email again, you can just enable it. In case you notice that your burner email is getting spam and is compromised to be sold and you’d like to unsubscribe from the service, just delete the burner email and you’re done. Once a burner email is deleted, there’s no way you can get it back. 

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Burner email cost 

In my opinion, it hits a sweet spot between being too high and being too low that the scenario becomes too good to be true. It costs around $3 for the monthly plan, around $30 for the yearly plan, and $49 for the burner mail lifetime deal. All of that’s absolutely amazing but in order to determine whether a service is good according to the price, you’ll have to compare it with its competitors. 

I said Burner mail hits a sweet spot, but maybe I’ll have to take it back. When I compared Burner mail with other disposable email services, I figured that most of them provide even more features than Burner mail at the same or slightly higher price. On that note, I’d suggest you take the free trial first and if you like how things flow, pay for it. But if you don’t like it a lot and want to look at a few more varieties, try a couple of other options and figure out which one works best for you. 

Burner mail is a good value for money, I can’t deny that but if you search a little, you might find an even better value for your money. The thing is if you want to have a lot of existential features other than just email protection, Burner email might not be a perfect choice. But if you just don’t want to disclose your email id to the entire world and that’s the only service you need, Burner mail does a really good job in keeping things straightforward. 

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How does Burner email generate email addresses? 

So, you might have a question, when Burner mail gives out a ton of email addresses for a single person, how does it manage to do that to a ton of different people? Here’s an explanation, Burner email generates emails keeping in mind the website you will be using the email at. 

Burner mail attaches a few strings to the domain or the content of the site you will be using the email address on and produces a unique email address out of it. Email addresses produced by Burner email are in the format, [email protected]. This will also help you stay organized regarding which email should be used in a particular place. So, this is how a new email address is produced for every individual. 

How does Burner email work against spam? 

As they say, prevention is better than cure and that’s the vibe going on with Burner mail. If you are a person that is already using Burner mail and you notice that an email is corrupted or spammed, you can just simply delete it and you won’t have to worry about it again. Once you delete the burner email, all of the spam that’s comes in will be stopped. 

If you use a personal email account for sharing on the internet, you won’t possibly be able to do that. Once spam has already reached your personal email account, there’s no way you can get it out. Even if you can, it’s going to be a big process but with tools like Burner mail, you can prevent spam from getting to your personal email account. Burner mail acts as a barrier between any spam and your personal account so that you are always protected. 

In which areas are you relaxed by using Burner mail? 

The main focus and aims of Burner mail are to provide a convenient, easy, and reliable way to protect your data. You can just stop giving out your email to people on the internet. There will not be any change in the place where you’ll view the emails. You can just read and reply to your emails from the personal email account but Burner mail likes an additional layer of protection or a shield towards spam. 

Another amazing feature is that you can find out who is trying to sell your email address if anything of that sort is happening. Blocking a sender if they give out spam is also extremely easy with the help of Burner mail. All of your personal information on your email account can be protected using Burner mail. 

Final words 

I hope you guys have gotten an idea about how Burner mail words and all of that other stuff by reading this article. Again, Burner mail might be best for some of you guys and the opposite for others so just do your research, take the free trial and determine after that. 

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