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BotStar is chatbot software. This software is for building chatbots on websites and Facebook Messenger. BotStar is the advanced software for building chatbot with many loving features. Life in 2020 was very challenging. This BotStar Review will explain more about the software and how it can be used effectively. The last year the complete world went under lock down due to COVID-19- that changed our life upside down. The whole world has undergone a huge transformation and turned the way we work, buy things and learn. 

Launching of AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Every person began to shop online and the online sales reached and achieved more than billions. BotStar launched in AppSumo after developing their products for 2 years. The AppSumo is the largest software deal in the marketplace with more than 1.5 million subscribers – multiple deals can live at the same time. BotStar launched in AppSumo and tested the customer reaction and also tested how the product fit into the market and reached customers. 

What is the best part in BotStar!- A Simple BotStar Review 

When you first start with BotStar, it will completely show the overview of the chatbots. If it is the first time to build a chatbot in BotStar, the chatbot software automatically shows you all the guides about how to use the chatbot. This really a very useful guide to use the software. When building the chatbot, it shows all the elements with the name included. Then you can very well create your chatbot with the elements to create the chatbot flow. 

BotStar has a visual flow builder so that you can easily see the structure of your chatbot. As well as you can preview the chatbot when you click on the play button. Overall it is really a very good interface which is very easy to use. The guide is really helpful to move further with experience. The set up in the chatbot is easy. So that you can test the chatbot in the interface itself.

Some more useful Features

The custom fields on the BotStar helps the user to specific users in your chatbot. And also you can add on tags based on the action. This will be really useful when you want to build a personalized experience.

The broadcast and sequences are also possible in BotStar. But broadcasting is possible only in the pro plan, not in the free plan. Let us discuss the price and plan later.

The main and attractive feature in this BotStar chatbot software is – you can make the chatbot in any language and also translate it easily in this software. This is the first chatbot software which translates and allows the user to create a chatbot in any language of the user’s choice.

Content Management System (CMC)

I think the best part of BotStar is the ability to build a multilingual chatbot. As this helps me to reach and spread the business worldwide. In the business with online stores, this chatbot helps to sell the products to many customers across the world. The BotStar has a built-in CMS(Content Management System) that helps to add the product list and showcase to the customers in online shopping. The customer can check the product list with image, product description and price of the product. 

Supporting Channels

The BotStar supports Facebook Messenger and Websites to make a chatbot. It supports only these two channels and is the major disadvantage.

BotStar has built-in live chat is the major advantage of the chatbot software. However, this provides an integration with DialogFlow, Zapier, Google Sheets, Integromat and Webhooks. They offer more than 70 free inbuilt templates. So, customization and cloning is very easy. The integration can be done directly with Google Sheet- no need to use any third party service for integration.

Supporting Sector

Many businesses across the world use BotStar in many ways to serve their customers. The BotStar product reached nearly 12,000 customers and nearly 40,000 + chatbots were created.

  • Education Sector: The chatbot helped the Process Doctors Academy to provide information to home-bound students. And the integration process helped to maintain the schedules and to book the course for learning through online.
  • Psychological Sector: the chatbot helped the students to overcome health issues during quarantine by sharing their stories to the psychological professionals.

The BotStar is really helpful for many organizations other than business owners. For this support the BotStar received a reward from the local government for their support during the pandemic.

Speciality of  BotStar

  • It automates e-commerce activities like follow up the customers by providing the product detailed list with description and pricing, and accept the order and send the sequence to the customers.
  • Images, videos can be added. The templates can be chosen according to the liking and can customize it based on the requirement within a minute.
  • The BotStar is cloud based and is easily accessible from any place and from everywhere without any hassles and stress.
  • The user can work without any additional skills for coding or design skills. Drag and drop content is very simple in BotStar.
  • The bot automatically matches the word or phrases with the pre-loaded response.
  • It specifically has a launching bonus- as it includes a Commercial License that lets you to sell the chatbots to anyone with 100% profit.

Highlights in BotStar

Live Chat Bots as it includes automated live chat in any websites without spending any additional money for staff. BotStar’s powerful AI engine analyzes the user’s input and sends replies based on needs. And BotStar software will allow  the user to know the customization of the chatbots as per their goal. Either it could be customer support, trust building or sale. BotStar will cover all the scenarios very easily with a push button.

Some Integration Key Features

  • Google Sheet Integration: It provides a seamless information update.
  • Strip Payment Integration: This helps the customer pay for their product in the chat which enables more sales.
  • Custom Webview: Without getting out of the chat-flow it displays the interactive content in the chat conversation.

Plan and Pricing Detail

The BotStar provides a Free Plan with most of the features. By first trying their free plan you can choose and test on their platform and can decide as per your need. In this free plan you will get 50 users per month, 3 chatbot projects, one user, built-in CMS, keywords and sequences.

Next is Pro Plan, this is $15 per month, this gives you unlimited chatbot projects, 500+ user sessions per month, two users and almost all the features in BotStar. 

Third plan is Enterprise custom plan you can contact the support to get the custom price for your requirement.

This is really a good price for their feature and also they give your money back if you’re not satisfied- refund within 30 days.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I am a new to chatbot? Is it easy to use?

Yes it is very easy to use, literally 4 simple steps. They also provide a video tutorial with the guide and detail explanation. You do not need any additional tech skills or any experience..

2. Can we access this on any device?

It is cloud based software so it doesn’t matter, you can access and work wherever you are without any stress and hassle. Without any install.

3. How many chatbots can I create?

The commercial lets you create 10 separate chatbots and it can be used in multiple websites.

4. How can the chatbot increase my business profit?

Chatbot is the future as it builds your business in many different ways.

How to Choose the Best Chatbot Software?

There are a lot of chatbots in the market. So it is very hard to choose the chatbot according to need. Choosing up right chatbot software is very important to meet up the customer expectation for your business. So choose the good and best chatbot software in the market. The chatbot needs to have an easy setup option with the drag and drop interface. And it is necessary to test the chatbot in the interface itself. More importantly the interface needs to have a low learning curve. These are the points that need to be checked before buying better and perfect chatbots.


BotStar helps to create a chatbot more easily and allow the chatbot for your website and Facebook Messenger with a very reasonable price. The BotStar also provides a built-in CMS, translation option, with many chatbot elements, visual flow and good integration. I personally suggest that BotStar have the best visual flow editor and provides an overview of all the works. It also has the ability to build a multilingual chatbot. The module in the BotStar allows you to create several related blocks. The live-chat option is one of the best supporting features in BotStar. It is the best chatbot at this price with many added features.

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