11 Best Facial Recognition Software

For how many decades technology became rampant and facial recognition is a part of it. We all know that we live in an era that is dependent on technology. We are surrounded by technology because many say life without it would be pointless. It makes our lives more accessible to the point that technology is the one who works for us mainly that’s what we called artificial intelligence. This type of technology is an alternative to physical human intelligence that operates the tasks or activities.

Industries like businesses are the ones who are glad to use artificial intelligence since it can replace service providers or workers. By replacing humans with AI’s then it will result in a low cost of paying workers. Because if you choose artificial intelligence over humans, that’s part of being practical in running your company. Since AI’s are machines or tools that can make the tasks or goal and you will only pay them once, but if you choose human to provide you a service, it will be costly because every 2nd of the month, workers must receive a wage.

Facial recognition is an artificial intelligence that has advances in deep learning for the fastest system in processing a large amount of data analysis. It helps the problems to reach the goal to its adequate potential. It will result in a higher accuracy of processing times. Governments and private companies are taking notice. In terms of marketing on facial recognition, it is expected to be the most popular globally in the future. And remember that it is not just for safety and security purposes, but facial recognition is starting to appear in the industry of transportation, retail, hospitality, and banking.

Facial recognition technology is a biometric tool commonly used biometric technology like a fingerprint, iris, and finger vein pattern recognition.

It identifies an individual’s aspects in terms of physical appearance. Though it may vary its process in recognizing the face, it seems to follow the basic steps. Your face is captured through a photo or video. It measures the variety of facial features regardless of you are alone or in a crowd and the distance of you to the detectors. It detects the detailed description of your facial features, and it is accurate for it is calculated with a mathematical formula that represents each individual’s uniqueness. And, it will then compared to the others database known faces. Also, this can only happen in a matter of seconds. It’s like a temperature check.

Face recognition systems are regularly used in police operations for identifying suspects. Effective use of facial recognition technology is in the area of safety and security. Law enforcement agencies utilized it to fight against crime, seek justice, locate missing people, prevent terrorism attacks, and even uncover local criminals. Security checkpoints at airports worldwide increasingly use such technology to protect people and identify criminals trying to enter and go out of the country.

The Department of Homeland Security also uses facial recognition technology to find people with overstayed visas and people under criminal investigation. Today, several companies are developing using face recognition platforms to help prevent shoplifting and violent crime.

Facial recognition technology is getting faster and more accurate every year, which means that it could also soon be utilized to make our lives more convenient. Using your faceprint, business, hotels, and financial institutions will be able to verify who you are without using your physical ID seamlessly. There is even a bar that uses facial recognition to create better service for customers.

On the other hand, there are vocal arguments against facial recognition technology, with the biggest threat to an individual’s privacy. Some cities worldwide are already working towards banning real-time facial recognition because our facial data can be collected and stored without your permission. There are also concerns regarding safety apps that allow individuals to use facial-recognition software to identify someone they see on the street or at a bar that already exists.

Despite the negative feedback, facial recognition is increasingly used in mobile devices and consumer products to authenticate users. College classrooms and testing facilities are using it to take attendance and prevent cheating. Retailers are using it to stop theft and identify customers in need of assistance, and some automotive manufacturers are developing to use the technology in place of car keys.

In the future, facial recognition could also target products to specific groups by gender or age to offer a personalized experience to the restaurant customers or boost patient care at hospitals and clinics. Therefore, recognitions of technologies are not the problem. They are needed. The relationship between technology companies, law enforcement, and the military is a valid cause for concern, especially because this market will only get bigger with too few people who seem to care.

Aside from facial recognition software are essential, it is even more necessary to select a trustworthy produced by various companies, which results in significant efficient innovations around the world. Thus, below are the eleven best facial recognition software that is now working globally:


It is one of the modern facial recognition software, and what makes this unique is it is also known as facial attribute analysis, such as race, gender, race, and emotion. It consists of four-stage: detect, align, represent, and verify. Face verification functions as the most profound detail of the face that pairs as the same and different persons. Face recognition using the software requires to apply to face verification many times. It also stores the descriptions of your facial information for you not to have a hard time finding it again. This software’s facial attribute analysis offers an analysis of facial expressions, such as being angry, sad, happy, surprise, etc., and race like an Asian, Indian, Latino, white, black, etc. Its analysis functions in finding the demography of the face.

You can as well as use this software in streaming and real-time analysis. You can run this software for real-time videos as well. It makes access your webcam in both recognition and face attribute analysis. Even though face recognition software is a one-shot deal, DeepFace is software that we can use in multiple pictures of a single person.


It is software that integrates the Genetic security center-offering a single unified platform where genetic customers can use face recognition and other tools. To prevent crime through increased situational awareness, expedite the investigation, and actionable analytics. When cameras are connected to the camera’s center, Facefirst can easily compare an individual’s image against databases of billions of people in one-tenth of a second-creating a real-time crime prevention solution. The moment there is a match, Facefirst triggers an alarm directly into the Genetic security center, the video is automatically bookmarked, and the notice includes camera location and time data. Facefirst expertly syncs with the security center’s hit list to ensure that positive match alarms are generated from the latest enrollment intelligence.

Besides, Facefirst sense all face recognition events into the robust genetic framework and provides detailed analytic. It is enabling you to identify suspects and locations the post the most significant threats. The Facefirst facial recognition framework also makes it easy to search for prior identification events directly in the security center. Every face is seen, and identification is now stored; thus, it is reportable and searchable.


The Clarifai AI platform provides end-to-end support for critical public sector use cases. Its machine learning algorithms can reduce human error and help automate the process of verifying identities. It recognizes and detects the images in different individuals, different environments, and lighting conditions. Clarifai can automatically identify the faces n photo identification and analyze these faces to verify identity.

It accomplishes the task by performing a visual similarity search whereby photos in the tag are compared against a database of photos taken at a security control point or another environment. In a demonstration, you can see the most visually similar faces are ranked most highly. The top row of search results represents the most visually identical faces. Therefore, Clarifai is one of the best facial recognition software used to verify an individual.


The new product line is based on deep learning, the last frontier of Artificial Intelligence. It is an advanced computer vision software that analyzed videos through facial recognition and vehicle recognition. DeepVision’s functions are mainly along the road, statistic data about the vehicles moving on the streets. Such as vehicle counting and classification, color and speed estimation, and traffic density. It also worried about congestion, pedestrians on the street, stopped vehicles, and lousy way detection. It is also concerned with congestions, pedestrians on the road, stopped vehicles, and wrong way detection. It also evaluates if a parking lot is free or occupied and of flame and smoke detection. Deep Vision as well as identifies the typology of customers, gender, and age estimation. Furthermore, its detectors are built-0n CCTVs since it wisely used for security on the streets.

Amazon Rekognition

Facial recognition software is already widespread in online trading. Amazon has its system recognition that can analyze attributes, whether the eyes are open or close, hair color, the visual geometry of a face, and even assess a person’s mood. Recognition outlines the faces with a bounding box that generates the object notation numbers for the current image. This index the position of all essential facial elements. When performing a face search, the technology compares the source image data with the scanned images. It then grades the similarity to each face of the image ranging from zero to a hundred percent.

Amazon’s recognition is already being used by companies, organizations, and even authorities in the USA. The technology seems popular, especially in the police department. Aside from Amazon’s widespread recognition, it has a considerable controversy as well. Amazon pitched its facial recognition to U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement, and this move caused a lot of arguments because the software enables the ICE to monitor its target immigrants. There is nothing preventing people from building up their private databases and checking what they are using the system. If amazon has my data, any user of recognition with the technological know-how could track me down online. Now, it is up to you how you perceive Amazon’s facial recognition.


It is from Chinese artificial intelligence and is known as the world’s most valuable. Al. It is a combination of facial recognition and an individual’s body temperature. Most importantly, in this time of the pandemic, that new normal occur. In which this kind of artificial intelligence is necessary. Below are the essential things to learn about SenseTime software.

Core functions:

  • Facial Recognition-Integrated
  • Contactless Measurement
  • Accurate Measurement
  • Detection Masks
  • Attendance Taking
  • Liveness Detection

Key Features:

  • Contactless Temperature Screening (measures body 1 meter away)
  • Accurate Body Temperature
  • Facial Recognition (with face mask occlusion)
  • Face Mask Detection (alerts if an individual is without mask)
  • High Body Temperature Alarm
  • Fast Detection


It is the world’s best-performing face recognition solution. Face recognition technology makes our communities and public spaces safer. With the use of TrueFacet, identification cards are not necessary. It can be deployed on your cloud or ours-customize notifications when individuals of interest enter your building. TrueFace improves security and reduces lines in stadiums and arenas. It also enhances access control of schools and workplaces, making them safer. Use your face as your passport and boarding card. The following are the TrueFace use cases.

  • Onboarding Clients
  • Remote Transactions
  • Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Security
  • VIP Services
  • Members Entrance

TrueFace is a facial recognition software’s cycle from artificial intelligence into actionable intelligence because of its effectiveness.


It grows into the most extensive facial recognition technology platform in the world. It strengthens the whole industry through the use of Artificial Intelligence. It provides capabilities that could not be filled by human beings before, empowering and accelerating different sectors to provide all consumers a better experience. By then, Al will become pervasive, underlying more lay that will use at a large scale in our entire data system. Face ++ built up a large-scale customer base and developer community. In terms of marketing, it is widespread globally. Almost every face recognition developer in the world knows Face++, and every marketing field that wants to unlock its device with face recognition will cooperate with its producer. It provides best-in-class recognition efficiency with minimum power in the industry. In other words, Face++ developed the world’s first full-frame grabber that can capture 100+ faces in a frame.


It is a facial recognition that identifies employees at work remotely or at their place of business. It looks at the face and knows who it is, and transmits those punches directly into the employers whatever system they are using. Using Kairos, people will be aware with a 99.4% certainly that their employees are where they say they are. If an employer walks into the device, it knows that they are new. It goes that it’s never seen that face before and ask them to put in their badge number, and it ties the employee and that face together. Our face is part of the universal life, we’re already recorded, so if you go to the grocery store, the cameras are all around. It has a great help, especially in the banking industries, to avoid theft and fraud. Anyone who uses this technology to bring facial recognition to their applications that we think for us will be a huge hit.


It is an intelligent face recognition that is under platforms and is equipped with the latest biometric technology. It makes the safeties and security of all management systems more accurate because of this artificial intelligence, such as CCTV video streaming, attendance recording, access control, crowd control, building management, electronic payment, alarm technology, etc. Face X has its key highlights: Powerful Real-Time Alert, High-Security Level, Advance Algorithm and Technology, and Face Recognition in a real quick.


It is also a facial recognition software that is a computer vision developer or a biometric facial recognition with a toolset with a wide range of face recognition applications. Enabling an accurate security database and is deployable in the cloud. The toolset’s function is to have advanced face recognition solutions, including face verification, face identification, face detection, real-time streaming video, and many more. Paravision biometrics take to run up in this mass faces test top among non-Chinese companies. It has been found to have the second-best accuracy for identifying people with mass among algorithms. What is unique about Paravision, during the pandemic outbreak, it developed algorithms for mass and social distance detection. Because of its flexibility, it became known to other facial recognition software, and it has a connection to them.

In conclusion, the 11 best facial recognition software running popular are DeepFace, FaceFist, Clarifai, DeepVision, Amazon Recognition, Sense Time, TruFace, Face++, Kairos, FaceX, and Paravision. They are all started by the neglect of the people. I think in the world of technologies, not only do we need meaningful consent, but we also need ways in general for the public to be involved in the design process for these technologies and have a meaningful voice to refuse these technologies. While the public needs to be better informed on facial recognition software and its uses, activists, journalists, and lawmakers are working to hold technology accountable for a more ethical and digital future.

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