Apple’s New Release iOS 14.5 has Transparent Privacy with Many Useful Features

IOS 14.5 is arriving soon after this month; this version’s public preview is already available right now. IOS 14.5 has many additional features that make the user go easy on their way. The latest Os has a handy unlocking feature to unlock a phone even wearing a mask with Apple Watch’s help that requires tracking data and permission. 

It’s open for Public now

The new Apple iOS 14.5 is now open for the Public as it can download the operating system. The final release of this version is next month and it may have some bugs. 

New Additional Features in iOS 14.5

Unlock with Apple Watch: The new version supports the Face ID to unlock the phone even with the mask.

Can Listen to Favorite Music: The user can now ask Siri to play their favorite music instead of using Apple Music. Siri will deliver all the music streaming installed on the device.

More than 200 Emoji’s available: New version has more than 200 new emojis that include faces in clouds and hearts on fire to attract customers.

Fitness App: It keeps monitoring the customer’s daily workouts directly and can contact the trainer.

Transparent Tracking Feature: Apple updated a new privacy control app that asks the user’s permission before tracking the data and their daily activity.

New Updated Siri Emergency Calls and Standalone 5G Dual SIM: It has a dual SIM with 5G that supports globally. It also has an updated version of Siri with much additional activity.

Crowdsourcing App: To report accidents, hazards, and speed checks- IOS 14.5 contains a crowdsourcing feature.

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