Apple Vs Facebook – The Two Tech Giants Fights for Privacy Changes

The CEOs of two tech giants started their war against privacy changes. They have conflicting views on public data privacy. Facebook got worried after hearing about the upcoming privacy measures by Apple.

Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes Apple’s CEO

During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, Facebook CEO said that they are tracking to help the people. And Facebook also criticizes Apple’s upcoming OS privacy in an advertisement with full-page news, that the ads are entirely related to privacy changes.

Apple’s Call

Apple announced last June that iOS has a unique feature that would ask user’s permission to track them through apps and websites. Apple also said that the user must know and be aware of all the privacy and security policies. So they decided to add a pop-up option that is explicit about tracking information and how their data is used.

Mark Zuckerberg’s claims

The Facebook CEO said that WhatsApp has better protecting offers than Apple. Facebook also claims that these may devastate small businesses who always rely on advertisement for their enlargement to generate their network. Facebook published the ad on the full page -that speaks out about Apple’s change and small business. He also noticed all the small-scale business “that we are here for you.”

Facebook also reported that many competitors claim privacy that often misleads.

The War Started to Heats up

The two tech giants approached their conflicts on privacy changes and got fiery in the tech world. Their decisions got ripple effects in their tech community. They always use different approaches for privacy settings. Apple decided to be more transparent to protect the user’s information by regulating their application development.

Is Facebook Losing its Trust

As per the commoner, the company prioritizes advertisement over user’s privacy. All the customers are sensitive to their privacy. The companies with transparent privacy policies will gain more support than the market. Facebook also announced privacy settings in Whatsapp directly to the user. However, we will wait for the complete stand on customer decision.

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