The New App Allow People to Experience Best- Apple TV with Google TV

By integrating Apple TV with Google TV, all users will be able to watch Apple originals and find their time saved through the watchlist option. Moreover, the users can see their favourite shows and movies easily. 

Advantages of the Integration process 

While analyzing the benefits, the app provides third-party subscriptions via the Apple TV channels. It supports all TV platforms and Android TV- powered devices. The users who have a chromecast with the Google TV  can start using Apple TV and access their contents. It also has family- sharing subscriptions that any six members can make use. 

Through Google Assistant, the Apple TV app and its original title can be opened using voice commands. It is used to search  for any content from Apple TV. Before processing the integration, the Apple TV was limited to certain Android TVs. After the collaboration, the latest Chromecast 2021, Google is trying to bring Apple TV apps to many Android TV-powered devices. 

Accessing Process 

Users of Google Chromecast who have the Google TV adapter can access the Apple TV app. It will give access to Apple TV Plus. For better access to the Chromecast with Google TV, the users can use the Apps tab. With the new Apple TV app, some more accesses are possible like Apple TV+ subscription, and users can view the rented shows and movies. 

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