Apple Is Hiring 6G Engineers, Its Recent Job Posting Shows

Apple is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world, holding a market share of 27.47%, next to Samsung with a market share of 28.97% as of January 2021. A few months ago, Apple launched its 5G phones, which have received a great reception from the users. Back in 2019, Apple dropped Intel as its modem vendor, and moved to Qualcomm for its modems. Qualcomm modems have been known for their high speed and reliability, and they improve the amount and speed of data consumption. 

Late to the Party

Apple was still late to the 5G market and is relying heavily on Qualcomm for its modems that enable its phones to connect to the high speed network. Apple had to settle a lawsuit with Qualcomm so that it can use its modems in its smartphones.

Own Modem

Rumour is that Apple has been trying to build its own modem in an attempt to stop relying on Qualcomm for its modems. It’s been showing a lot of interest in research and design into 6G technology and is unlikely to continue its partnership with Qualcomm. 

Hiring 6G Engineers

Apple joined the group of companies that are working towards setting the standards for 6G and the future mobile technology. Reports say that 6G could have data transfer speeds of upto 1TB per second. In line with this, according to Bloomberg, Apple recently announced a job posting for hiring 6G engineers who could be key in helping Apple develop next generation wireless technologies that could disrupt the market and completely change the way the world uses the Internet. 

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